Mock evacuation held at Manitoulin Lodge

The Manitoulin Lodge Nursing Home in Gore Bay held a mock evacuation, with the assistance of Grade 7-8 students from Charles C. McLean Public School last week.

GORE BAY—Staff at the Manitoulin Lodge Nursing Home in Gore Bay, with the help and support of students of Charles C. McLean Public School and the Gore Bay Volunteer Fire Department did a great job in a mock-evacuation held at the lodge on Thursday of last week.

“I was there to observe; definitely the Lodge staff did extremely well in the evacuation exercise. They certainly know their stuff,” stated Mike Addison, Fire Chief of the Gore Bay Volunteer Fire Department. “Everyone was evacuated out of the building in really good time.”

“The (Lodge) staff members did extremely well,” said Mr. Addison.

Gloria Hall, activities coordinator of the Lodge, told the Recorder, “everything went really well. We had a total of 27 students from Mr. (Bruce) Lindsay’s Grade 7-8 class take part-playing the role of residents at the Lodge. The kids do an amazing job.”

“Mike Addison, representing the fire department, was on hand and the police and emergency services were advised of the evacuation,” said Ms. Hall. She said the mock evacuation was based on the premise of there being a bomb in the building.

“This is a good exercise for the staff and residents,” continued Ms. Hall. “Everyone was evacuated from the building in less than 14 minutes. We practice fire drills in the day and evenings every month, and staff is well trained for this type of situation.”