Money for business schools when it is skilled trades we need

We don’t need Taj Mahals of higher education

To the Expositor:

The 2017 Federal Budget is touted as “Building the Middle Class.”

Look around, you shall observe most tax money-funded educational institutions starting up, constructing, fabricating, designing, and/or continuing their “schools of business.” What businesses require this amount of huge money through grants, funding, to ensure their sustainability with our money? Where are they going to turn customers for their mandatory service businesses? What contractors will provide the skilled trades necessary to properly maintain their Taj Mahals of higher education?

Meanwhile, I think there is no funding equal to the challenges of skilled trades training, reducing high Canadian unemployment and the import of immigrants to meet our country’s necessary requirements.

I have never attended a school of business, however, I am a business owner looking for skilled tradespersons to provide a necessary service. Can you see there is something terribly wrong with this picture.

Michael R. White