Monument builder pledges legal defence of project

To The Expositor: The good people of Little Current, Canada (i.e. the law,) moved against Electric Windmills and another Little Current hotel through legal petitions presented to council which opposed these ventures. Little Current’s municipal council broke “the law” by supporting both of the above. The people, (i.e. the law,) also ruled in favour of an educational and historical monument on my private property at 1 Meredith Street in Little Current, similar to my 22-feet-high monument at 2568 Highway 540, again by a process of petition. When the 1 Meredith monument was brought before the Stringer Little Current Council, an employee, Mr. Williamson, said any such monument would have to be 25 feet from the sidewalk. Toronto’s bylaw requires only a 15 foot setback. On November 7, a few days before November 11, 2011, I received a registered letter threatening removal by Mr. Spry and council if I don’t remove it by December 7, 2011. While I don’t want the taxpayers to pay the Supreme Court costs, I will proceed to that level in defence of my fellow Merchant Mariners, veterans, giants like Dr. Norman Bethune, etc. to maintain this monument. Capt. D. Campbell, B.A. Little Current