MSS Kids in the Halls

By Sandi Kuntsi

The MSS Mustangs have been focusing on their mind, body and spirit. 

MSS Wellness Day was on Tuesday, May 16. The day was meant to provide students with ways to help them deal with stress and become mindful. The day started off with a presentation from Yuttadhammo Bhikkhu (born Noah Greenspoon), a Buddhist monk and former MSS student. He spoke to the student body about meditation and how it helps control emotions. After doing a practice with the assembly, students went to their other sessions. During lunch, there was a feast, prepared by some of the students and staff members. The meal included homemade, fresh cuisine such as fish tacos made from local smoked fish, El Salvador pupusas, and cabbage soup. The majority of students participated in their sessions, showing great school spirit. 

Amber Wahl, a Grade 9 student, said, “My favourite part of the day was the whole theme and atmosphere of calming your body and mind that was in the school. I went to the Therapeutic Writing, Ju Jitsu, and Tai Chi. I was really glad the day was put on because it really helped me de-stress and refocus my mind and gave me ways to do so in the future as well.”

The MSS tennis team travelled to Sudbury for NOSSA on Thursday, May 18. Nathan Howard and Jackie Cooper came fourth place in mixed senior doubles, Bryce Mastelko came fourth in senior boys’ singles, and Alayna Cranston and Maddy Niven came third in junior girls’ doubles. 

MSS Pride Day was on May 19. The event included a draw for a hoodie, an ice cream and waffle bar, t-shirt sales, and some upbeat music. The event was organized by the Rainbow Rights committee, supervised by Ms. Seabrook and Mr. Gurney. Derek Forgie, the founder of Kiss a Ginger Day, did a presentation for the entire student body. He talked about his struggles and realizations with homophobia in today’s society. 

Organizer Megan Misner said, “The pride day went extremely well. Hannah won our draw for a PRIDE Manitoulin hoodie and metal cutout of the Island done by Katherine Corbiere of One KWE. I think the best part of the day was the assembly where we were very lucky to have Derek Forgie speaking.”

Ms. Bauer, Mr. Scott, and Mrs. Scott took a group of 16 students on the Stratford Trip from Thursday, May 18 to Sunday, May 21. The group of students was David Hall, Courtnee Osawabine, Carissa Holliday, Grace Duncanson, Emily Patterson, Miranda Mackay, Becky MacDonald, Isaac Gosse, Tyler Hore, Milana Sabzali, Josh Noble, Denver Leeson, Victoria MacDonald, Mason Golder, Jacob Maxwell, and I. On Thursday the group of energetic teenagers got on a bus to go to South Baymouth for the Chi Cheemaun. After the ferry, the group reboarded the bus for the rest of the long drive to Stratford. On Friday, many of the students spent the morning in the pool before heading to downtown Stratford for free time. Friday afternoon the group saw Guys and Dolls at the Festival Theatre, the show stunning the entire group. MSS had extremely good seats and were right in the front section of the auditorium. Following this show, the group went to Demetre’s for an authentic Greek dinner, consisting of calamari, bruschetta, spanakopita, sun dried tomato pasta, gyros pitas, and moussaka. After dinner the group went to see the play Romeo and Juliet at the Festival Theatre. On Saturday morning, the group participated in a workshop at the Avon Studio about the play Twelfth Night. The group played an icebreaker game, made tableaus to summarize the play, and read lines from the play to practice using different emotions for each person. Saturday afternoon, the group explored the beautiful city of Stratford before going to see the production of HMS Pinafore at the Avon Theatre. Following the show, the group was walked through the city, many students buying souvenirs, taking pictures and experiencing the full culture of Stratford. Saturday evening the group went to see the play Twelfth Night at the Festival Theatre. After the show, the group hopped back onto the bus for the overnight bus ride home. The ride home was quiet, and the students arrived back on the Island at 7 am. 

Isaac Gosse said, “My favourite part of the trip was getting to walk around in between the shows and see the culture of the town. My favourite show was Guys and Dolls. I was awestruck by the whole performance so much so that my friends said they noticed me leaning forward in my seat looking like I was about to fall. The performance by each actor was just outstanding at how authentic each character sounded, from the accent all the way to their facial expression. All in all I had a really amazing time on the trip. I walked around with some friends, saw four really amazing plays and musicals, and just had a really good time!”

Coming up there are many opportunities to get involved in helping the community and giving back through Me to We, Relay for Life, and SHARE/Go-Green. ‘Til next time, stay golden, Mustangs.