MSS Kids in the Halls

Students and staff alike are putting their best talents to work at MSS. After a hard set of tryouts, the girls’ hockey team has been finalized: Sophie Bondi, Faith Taylor, Anna Migwans, Mikayla Noble, Karly Newton, Maddy Niven, Michelle Campbell, Trinity Leeson, Avery Sheppard, Randi Lovelace, Ashlyn Hare, Bethany Wesno, Brooke Addison, Alayna Cranston, Mya Otosquaiob, and Hannah Woestenek. The team played in the East and West tournament on Friday the 21st and lost 2-1 to an A division team and won 3-0 against another A division team. The team just played their first game of the season on the 18th, and won 9-1 against Horizon from Val Caron.

The x-country team competed at NOSSA on Wednesday, October 26 at the Espanola Golf Course. Marjorie Scott placed 16th in the Midget Girls’ race (3.1 km). In the Midget Boys’ (5.1km), Ryan Jones placed 27th, Boston Thibeault placed 33rd, Ben Marshall placed 35th, and Shannon Debassige placed 37th. As a team the midget boys placed 4th overall. In the Junior Girls’ race (4.1km), Beth Wiwchar placed 9th, qualifying for OFSAA with a time of 18:40, and Gabby Corbiere placed 17th. In the Senior Boys’ race (7.4km), James Scott placed 3rd, qualifying for OFSAA with a time of 27:03. Both Beth and James will be competing for OFSAA Cross Country Championships at Port Hope, Ontario on November 5.

From October 25-27, Victoria MacDonald, Ms. Bauer, and I travelled to Orillia for the Students As Researchers (StAR) Conference. The three-day conference brought students from all over Ontario together to learn how to properly conduct a research project in their schools. When the girls arrived they were brought down to their cabin where they parted ways with Ms. Bauer and did some ice breakers with the other 12 girls in their cabin. When it was time for dinner, the group went to the dining hall for the welcome session and a delicious dinner of spaghetti and garlic bread. After dinner, all of the students listened intently as representatives from the Ministry of Education spoke to them about the different ways their research could help students improve learning all over Ontario. The next day, Victoria and I were in the Birch Cabin with the rest of the Grade 9-12 students. The day was spent developing inquiry questions to research. In between sessions, the teacher facilitators who work at the OELC introduced Games of Low Organization. The entire group of 183 students played games like Shoulder Jousting; Rock, Paper, Scissors, Cheer; and the Atom Game. The evening was devoted to students from each school working with their teachers on setting up a plan of action. Victoria, Ms. Bauer and I were full of ideas, and were still not done after the time was up. In the last hour before students were sent to bed, there was another session of Games of Low Organization. This time, the students played games like the Human Knot, the Raft game, and Cup Stacking. Everybody left the gym laughing and talking to their new found friends. On the morning of the 27th, there was one final session in the morning before students and teachers returned to their schools to put all of their ideas into action. Schools were put into groups with other schools, then each group took turns presenting all of their plans. Students gave input, compliments and were even inspired to add something else to their plan. The drive back to Manitoulin was a productive one as Victoria, Ms. Bauer and I worked on the proposal for our research project. Returning home, we all reminisced about the people we met, our favourite moments, and looking forward to putting all of our hard work into action. 

Halloween activities started on Thursday, October 27 with a pumpkin carving contest. Later, the Students’ Council hosted the Halloween dance on the evening of October 27. The council stayed after school to get everything set up, decorating the gym with streamers, lights, paper ghosts, and multi-coloured lights. DJ Blake Debassige played great music, varying from Blake Shelton to AC/DC. Students’ Council handed out candy bags to the students with best costumes: Alisha LeDain, Amanda Gillespie, Tait Wallace, and Eden Beaudin. From 7-10 pm the students who came danced, talked, and sang along with the music. 

Still celebrating Halloween, on Monday, October 31 the SHARE/Go Green had a bake sale to raise money for Kenya. There was one bonus to the sale though. If staff or a student brought in a non-perishable food item, they got a free treat. We Scare Hunger took place on Monday night. Over 30 students in communities all over the Island collected non-perishable food items for the Manitoulin Food Bank instead of Trick or Treating.

As she heads out to enjoy her retirement, staff and students would like to thank Mrs. Whynott for all of her amazing work at MSS, including organizing career fairs, teaching cooperative education, fundraising for musicals, and managing sports teams.  We also welcome Mr. Smith as he adds his talents to the staff of MSS. There are so many opportunities for MSS staff and students to show off their skills in the school and community. ‘Til next time, stay golden, Mustangs.