MSS Kids in the Hall

MSS is super busy and lots of things are going on and coming to an end. On Thursday, February 26, Alexis French and I competed in Gore Bay for speeches on behalf of Manitoulin Secondary School. I spoke about the musician Eminem and his influence on young adults, and Alexis’s speech was about the difficulties of being a teenager. Alexis is going on to the next level of competition and we all wish her the best of luck.

Students should now have completed course selection for the 2015-2016 school year. They need to bring their signed course selection forms to their block A teachers. If students do not bring back their course selection sheets, they might not get the courses they want for next year.

Aboriginal Arts and Stories and Historica Canada are holding the annual creative writing and visual art competition for aboriginal youth (ages 11-29). Contestants can win up to $2,000 and have their work exhibited and/or published. For more information contact Ms. Bauer.

Throughout the week, Native Studies students have been going around to classes with a petition in support of a crosswalk in M’Chigeeng at the main intersection. Classes were shown a before and after picture of what it could look like if this idea goes through. If students liked the idea, then they could sign a petition to support the cause.

Lots of students are getting the most out of the snow and driving their snowmachines to school. People driving by the school parking lot will see lines of snowmachines belonging to students who decided to get their own ride to school. Hopefully they will be safe on the trails.

The badminton teams are made and the coaches, Ms. Boisvert and Mr. Tallman, thank everyone for trying out, and wish they could have kept more people. The team members are excited and ready to represent our school at Central Algoma Secondary School during pre-NSSSA on April 1 and NSSSA on April 8. Training will continue to develop their skills.

The 13 gymnasts and their coaches, Ms. Ferguson and Mrs. Theijsmeijer, are going to be participating in a competition against other gymnastics teams. This will be hosted by MSS on March 6 during the school day. They have been practicing hard to get their routines down pat and are confident in their skills. There are beam routines, mat routines, bar routines and vault routines. According to Victoria Tardif, “Everyone is working hard to finish their routines and have them perfected. It’s my first time competing, so naturally I’m nervous, but I’m probably more excited.”

The curling team went to NOSSA in North Bay this past week. They played as well as they could, coming seventh. The girls’ hockey team had a great time at their final tournament of the season. They had to use an inexperienced goalie, and won one of their games—the coach rewarded them for their win. Their coach, Mike Meeker, allowed the girls to dye his hair. The coach now has a black and yellow head and one black eyebrow and is rocking the style!

Overall February was a very exciting month for everybody! ‘Til next time, stay golden Mustangs.