New business in Evansville caters to fishing/hunting enthusiasts

Peter Witty has opened a new business, ‘Game On Outpost,’ in Evansville. The business caters to fishing/hunting enthusiasts.

EVANSVILLE—The Game On Outpost recently opened in Evansville.

The business is owned and operated by Peter Witty. Specifically it is located within the G.G.’s Diner building in Evansville. “It’s a business focussed on fishing and hunting and convenience items for locals and visitors alike,” he told the Recorder last week.

He explained, “a lot of people, both locals and visitors, go to their cabins and cottages during the summer, and I’m hoping to pick up some of their business. I think there is a need for this type of business here, creating more services to boost the economy and increase local revenues.”

Game On provides for hunting/fishing gear, camping and outdoor supplies, “with items such as fishing rods, reels, lines, hooks, tackle, bait, time, heaters for ice shacks, propane bottles; we just have a variety of items for hunting and fishing,” said Mr. Witty. “We also have popup ice shelters, and what I’m intending on doing is being able to rent out a couple during the ice fishing season.”

“I will also be setting up an information terminal for things such as marine catalogues and hunting and fishing regulations. And if a customer wants to renew their Outdoors Card, I will soon have a terminal in place for them to use,” continued Mr. Witty. “A lot of people may not have a compute or access to the internet, so they will be able to use the terminal here to print off their licence-outdoors card and purchase it with a credit card. 

“My business hours will coincide with G.G.’s,” said Mr. Witty. “This will allow for later shopping hours for customers. I think that’s an advantage, for instance if everything is closed up in Gore Bay and you need to do with fishing or hunting you’ll be able to pick it up here.”

Game On Outpost actually opened on November 17. “I wanted the opening to coincide with the deer hunt season. I knew I wouldn’t be overly business at this time of the year, but I figured it was important to open during the deer hunt season, to allow people to see what we have here, and maybe they will come back again next summer.”

“We are an outpost outlet, serving the community and visitors,” added Mr. Witty.

For more information or to contact Mr. Witty you can go on line at or phone 705-282-4996.