New Mindemoya takeout served 400 people last weekend

To the Expositor:

There seem to be some questions, concerns and gossip going around in the town of Mindemoya as to where the new Kurbside Takeout is situated.

Now, I am a firm believer in “everyone has a right to their own opinion” and “what people think of you is none of your business,” but I would like to address the general public on a few of these opinions and concerns that have come to me from some concerned citizens.

Kurbside Takeout is situated beside the old Route Fifty building in the parking lot that belongs to that same owner, who is me. All permits, requirements and bylaws have been met and there is also a letter from the township stating they have no objection. This takeout sits on a commercial lot on which I pay taxes. It sits back behind other businesses on the same street and in direct line with the old Route Fifty. No laws have been broken.

For a certain few with no business common sense are wondering why we did not put it at the back of the lot, the reason is obvious—we want it to be seen and not look like a storage shed at the back.

The downtown area of Mindemoya is primarily meant for commercial business. Apparently someone is offering up a good lawyer, because I am not very ‘neighbourly.’ I, on the other hand, have a very good lawyer of my own, but we should not have to go in that direction.

My parking lot is used by everyone in town, whether it be for shopping at other stores or businesses other than the ones in my building or just parking their vehicle there while visiting. I do not complain; there is only so much parking space for people.

For those of you that have questions, you can come to me directly and I will gladly answer them in a ‘neighbourly fashion.’

And for those with opinions, you can come to me and express them, keeping in mind that your opinion only matters if ‘you are a good friend looking out for my best interest,’ ‘I respect you’ or if you pay my taxes.

I have turned the old Route Fifty building into commercial rental space where I now have five new businesses that bring more people to the town of Mindemoya. It was some peoples’ opinions at one point that this would not work either. But, in fact, they are well supported by the majority of the town and elsewhere on the Island.

Kurbside Takeout served over 400 people on the long weekend, that’s 400 people likely shopping elsewhere in Mindemoya too. Is this not what the town of Mindemoya wanted?

Annette Pearson