Northeast Town Council Notes


Northeast Town Mayor Al MacNevin reported to council that both the Little Current Public Library librarian and board chair resigned. He also informed council that Ned Martin had been appointment the new library board chair.

Archaeological site

Council discussed a proposal from Bill Strain and Pat Julig for the town to develop the archaeological site in Sheguiandah, which would include trail signage and an education display board. Mr. Williamson informed council that the town economic development officer had been doing research and could roll the project into a current funding application.

Council carried a motion directing staff to work with Mr. Julig and Mr. Strain on the development of the archaeological site display in Sheguiandah.

Pet rescue fundraiser

Council reviewed a letter from Nancy Milburn inquiring if Manitoulin Pet Rescue could host a fundraising event at Low Island Park. Town CAO Dave Williamson suggested another location as dogs are not allowed off leash at Low Island. Councillor Michael Erskine suggested Knockerville. Council asked staff to work with Ms. Milburn to come up with another location for the event.

Accounts receivable

Town Treasurer Sheryl Wilkin went over the accounts receivable for water/sewer and taxes with council for September. For water/sewer she reported that there had been $24,8116.73 made in payments in the month. She also reported that there were currently 14 accounts over the $400 limit, of which five homes had had services disconnected, four of the accounts were overdue to penalty applied for September and five account holders had made payment arrangements.

For taxes, Ms. Wilkin said that there had been $647,268.89 in payments made in September.