Northern Credit Union customers to have reduced banking options during conversion process

MANITOULIN—If you do your banking with Northern Credit Union (formerly Espanola and District Credit Union), banking will be limited from Thursday, November 10 until Sunday, November 13 as the banking system undergoes a conversion to join the Northern Credit Union banking system. The following, pulled from the Northern Credit Union website, is a list of frequently asked questions about the limited banking options over the next few days.

When will the banking system conversion occur?

Branches will close to begin conversion on Thursday, November 10 at 4:30pm until Friday, November 11 at 11pm. Branches will be open on Monday, November 14.

Why is it necessary to change the banking system?

As Members of Northern Credit Union, we want to provide you with the convenience of banking at any of our 33 branches across our footprint. In order to do this, all branches must be on the same banking system. We carefully selected our own banking system in 2011 to ensure our members have access to the latest technologies and services – and with this conversion, we can extend these new services to you.

I bank online, will my sign in credentials change?

Yes. Once the conversion is complete, you will use your new Member Number to access your online banking. You will be provided with information on how to use your newly provided Member Number.

What will not be affected by the conversion?

While the conversion does touch all aspects of your banking, steps have been taken in order to ensure there are as few interruptions as possible. This means that the following will be transferred over, and will not require any action on your side: MasterCard global payment card, pre-authorized transactions, MemberCard debit card, direct deposits and existing cheques.

Is my money safe?

Absolutely. The security of our Members’ money is our top priority. To prepare for this conversion, we have assembled a dedicated team to verify and validate all information, ensuring your money is completely safe.

What happens to my member & account numbers after conversion?

Once conversion is completed, everyone will be given new account numbers, and a new member number. This member number will be the gateway to your full Northern financial profile. Everything from share accounts, loan accounts, and deposit accounts will be connected to this one number.

What are the benefits to conversion?

We believe more is more. Members will benefit from enhanced securities and improved access to products, allowing us to do more for our members. For instance, branch staff will now be able to see your complete profile on one screen, meaning they’ll be in a better position to help you achieve your financial goals.

Will my statement change?

Yes. One of the many exciting changes that is coming is an enhanced member statement. All members are provided with a complimentary electronic statement via online banking. These statements are stored in a secure environment and contains information such as monthly transactions, account activity and will also display cheque images. You also have the option of receiving a printed paper statement for a low monthly fee of $2.25.