A Northern Ontario Party official writes to clarify party’s rationale

If all 11 Northern Ontario MPPs were NOP they would hold the balance of power at Queen’s Park

To the Expositor:

What the Northern Ontario Party can represent.

I would like to clarify what our party stands for and why we intend on running candidates for the upcoming provincial election.

The media likes to generalize us as a separatist party. Northern Ontario is already a separate province with all the burdens, but none of the benefits. Our region produces a surplus of electrical power, yet our Hydro rates are among the highest in the country. Toronto politicians have decided to use our region as a dumping ground for nuclear waste; yet, our region doesn’t produce any nuclear power.

We have abundant resources in mining and forestry, yet have next to no processing or manufacturing regarding these very resources. These are just a few examples of the imbalance and neglect Northern Ontario faces.

Ironically, the Northern Ontario Party has the best chance in uniting an already divided province. First off by electing 11 NOP members in all our ridings, we would hold the balance of power in the Provincial Legislature with a minority government. Due to a lack of leadership from all major GTA parties, that could be a strong possibility. Further to this, since we do not blindly subscribe to any left wing/right wing doctrine, it doesn’t matter which party forms the next provincial government. If Northern Ontario is treated fairly and just, we will support that government.

For more information about our party’s policies and platform, visit our website or text “Northern Ontario Party” on Facebook. Also, we welcome you to attend any of our future public meetings.

Andy Wolff
Northern Ontario Party CFO