Northern Ontario should become its own province

To the Expositor:

To people living here in the North, I believe people are getting fed up with having to deal with southern Ontario, but we can put a stop to this by separating from southern Ontario. It’s big enough to do this and we do have all the resources here in the North.

People keep losing their jobs and the cost of living keeps going up and southern Ontario keeps shutting us out. I believe they have this diamond mine project going in Northern Ontario, but who is benefitting from this? My guess would be southern Ontario. Whenever there is something going in the North it’s always southern Ontario who benefits.

The border line could run from Pembroke to Parry Sound and Algonquin Provincial Park would be part of Northern Ontario because it also has resources. The Northern MPs should start talking to the voters and see what they think and a study should be done to make sure that Northern Ontario would be sustainable.

Ron Osawabine