Not icing players was wrong in 1959 and it is still wrong

A shameful thing to do to children

To the Expositor:

When I was 12-years-old in 1959, I was a member of the Providence Bay bantams in the play-offs against Gore Bay.

Our coach was only icing five players and the rest of us weren’t getting any playing time. I kept asking him if I could go out and play. He turned on me in third period and yelled, “Sit down and shut up!”

I crumbled onto the bench as if I had been struck.

I carried this with me for many years. Now I learn through the grapevine that this is again happening in the bantam play-offs. Some of the players never leave the ice and some never, or hardly ever get to play.

This is a shameful thing to be doing to children.

Robert Caddel

Providence Bay