Officers on ATVs during Haweater Weekend are there for a good reason

To think otherwise is ‘petty’

To the Expositor:

“…ATVs travelled through pedestrian thoroughfares and through family friendly events. This caused a great deal of upset last year…”  (‘Haweater incidents down from 2012, OPP aims to top 2015 stats,’ July 27, Page 5).

I couldn’t believe what I read. How petty!

The people who complained about the OPP patrolling are the same people who would complain if they didn’t see the OPP. 

There is a good reason why the OPP operate ATVs, one being so they can respond to calls in a quick fashion. Again, the complainers would be the first to complain it took too long for the officers to arrive on scene.  

I’m sure the OPP weren’t driving recklessly. No doubt they even stopped and talked to the children (and parents), who were probably tickled to see a police officer on an ATV. I suspect it was a very small group who complained. Hopefully they didn’t whine in front of their children. 

Those people who were traumatized by this should go about their business of enjoying the festivities and allow the OPP to do their job. 

Mike Sullivan

Clarington, Ontario