Ongoing water loss recognized by IJC

To the Expositor:

The International Joint Commission (IJC), comprised of three Americans and two Canadians (one resigned), will be in attendance at the Northeast Town Recreation Centre in Little Current on Sunday, July 15 to hear your concerns about water levels in Upper Lake Huron.

The IJC is responsible for managing the Great Lakes; their recommendations are taken seriously by both the American and Canadian governments. They have recognized the ongoing water loss problem in Lake Huron and would like to find a solution that appeases the majority of interest groups around the lake, of which Manitoulin Island is one. To assist them in uncovering what that solution should be, the IJC appointed a Study Board and gave them the task of researching this problem and examining solutions. It was the Study Board who came to Kagawong last year and heard our comments and concerns.

The Study Board report, published this past March, makes it very clear that low water is a serious threat, in fact the most serious threat, to nearly all the key interest groups. However, their recommendation falls short. As of 2009 they have recommended the IJC do nothing.

The July 15 hearing is Manitoulin’s big chance to convince the IJC to do something to slow the water loss at the St. Clair River. A large public turnout will strengthen that message. Please participate.

Therese Trainor, secretary

Manitoulin Island Stewardship Council