An open letter to the Minister of Immigration

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is an open letter to Minister of Immigration Chris Alexander and published here at the author’s request.

Dear Mr. Alexander; Immigration Minister.

Due to recent attacks in Australia, Canada, France and Nigeria by Islamic radicals, in each case the political elite immediately promote that the attack is not a Muslim problem, it’s a fanatical Islamic one. Maybe so, but there are two prominent areas that greatly contribute to Islamic problems in Canada by our own doing. One is our lax immigration laws where the government fails to adequately control the influx of immigrants whom have no real liking for Canadian values, other than benefiting from what is free, from taking up permanent residence here and two is our criminal laws that do not have power enough for quick removal of undesirables, once the lack of allegiance to Canada becomes known.

Yes there are good Muslims, just as there are good and bad the world over, but where is the continual display of moderate Muslims, willing to root out those amongst them whom speak badly of Canada or would do us great harm by terrorist acts?

After bringing thousands to this country, where are the masses who will truly acknowledge our kindness and hospitality and accept that we are all equals in this world, yet many fail to integrate well and will call us infidels because Muslims believe in the Islamic preachings that there is no other god besides Allah and this is wrong!

Regardless of the lack of recognition of the good life had by those Muslims, whom are more at peace and at home here, and to provide positive action to prevent all of them being painted with the same brush, the Canadian Government must do a better job of the immigration selection process by doing much more to investigate ingrained Islamic values by fundamentalists only wishing to use Canada as a haven until its time to do us harm or force their beliefs upon us. The following questions are an example:

  1. Will you respect and accept Canadian laws, values and culture, realizing that living in Canada is a privilege, not a right?
  2. Will you accept our democratic system of government and the multicultural diversity of our people, as all being equal, and do nothing by act, word or deed to cause dissension between various cultures and to accept people of different religious beliefs as equal to your own?
  3. Will you swear or affirm to respect our freedom of equality and the rights of all women to be free from male dominance, where control and violence against women is against our laws and our values?
  4. Upon signing this Agreement of Immigration to Canada, do you agree that if you are charged and convicted of an Indictable or Dual Procedure offence (where the offence may be tried as indictable or summary at the Crown’s discretion) under the Criminal Code of Canada, that upon sentencing, a judge may see fit to deport you without further hearings, appeals or delay tactics, because the sentencing is final?

Sir, we spend billions to keep surveillance on undesirables in this country then if convicted, millions in attempts to get them deported. It makes much more sense to work harder at the selection process as a priority to weed out the undesirables before they take up residence here, not deal with them later, and an Agreement of Immigration is an ideal way to do that.

Respectfully submitted,

Colin Pick