An open letter to Premier Kathleen Wynne

Looking forward to a future without you

Dear Premier:

As you prepare to resume business at Queen’s Park, I wanted to offer my sincerest hopes that the coming days and weeks will be nothing short of memorable.

After all, how can we not acknowledge that for years, your government has been plagued with controversies, scandals, dishonesty, OPP investigations, alleged bribery and an inability to effectively negotiate most public sector contracts—just to name a few of your resounding accomplishments. You’ve prided yourself as being “the” premier who would breathe fresh air, after the McGuinty debacle. Unfortunately, instead of demonstrating leadership, you continued along the same path as your friend, Dalton.

Oh, and did I mention my hydro rates just went up again on May 1? It seems the users of the system were unable to meet your provincial quotas. So let me get this straight—we use less hydro, but pay more? Hmm…I guess Ontario really is, “Yours to Discover!”

Premier, my hope is that your stay at Queen’s Park is a short one. You are a failure to this province, and a shame to your party. Just look at the state of our province! If you don’t believe me, have a look at the various provincial polls that also don’t do you any favours! Although I am not a supporter of your party, I have dialogued with many who are. I respect them. However, when your members are talking about a future without Kathleen, you know your days are numbered.

Premier, please do your party a favour—resign and call a leadership campaign. You are not the present, nor the future of the Ontario Liberal Party.

The truth hurts. But it hurts Ontarians more.


Mark Volpini


Ward 4 Resident