OPP requests assistance in winter cottage break-ins and thefts at Murphy’s Point

MURPHY’S POINT – The Manitoulin detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) is seeking the public’s assistance in solving the break-ins and thefts from many cottages and the recreation building at Murphy’s Point this past winter. The cottages were closed at the time by their seasonal residents. 

An owner of one of the cottages, who wished to remain anonymous, told the Recorder this past weekend, “the break-ins and thefts occurred at nine of the 10 cottages and the recreation building at Murphy’s Point. Thieves took approximately $15,000 in items and materials.” He explained the culprits took items such as antique chainsaws, solar systems, six to seven tackle boxes, hunting knives (including antique sets), antiques, a rare United Soviet Socialist Republic pellet gun and much more. Not all seasonal residents have returned to their cottages so a final list on what items were taken is still being processed. 

“We will be installing sophisticated surveillance security cameras all around the Murphy’s Point area as soon as possible,” said the local cottager.

Constable Marie Ford of the OPP told the Recorder that officers are continuing the investigation into the break-and-enters and thefts, and the police are appealing to the public for any information someone may have on the incidents, which took place this past winter. Members of the public with any information are asked to call the local OPP or Crimestoppers.