A plea to stop the Norisle lawsuit

Tax dollars could be better spent on other priorities

To the Expositor:

Why do our Friends (of the Norisle) want to screw their own friends? Is it wise to do this to friends, fellow citizens, as well as their own families—would we allow strangers to do this to us?

Who do these people think they are fooling with their frivolous, flippant, facetious façade (of a lawsuit)?

Legal fees paid by Assiginack Township, and to their representative solicitor(s), come from the general budget funded by our taxes. Is it the Friends’ intention to divvy up their grandeur/delirium-based spoils of war to their “other friends” in a proportional manner—to us humble taxpayers? This question will never be asked of the “Friends,” I merely pose it as a rhetorical/sarcasm-based question. The “Friends” free publicity is paid for by the taxpayers; this is not to be taken lightly.

I am likely the most seasoned sailor on the Island (Great Lakes, ocean). Nothing would warm my soul more than a steamer put back into operation, most proudly, and historically based at my home in Manitowaning.

Please stop the maniacal lawsuit aimed towards myself and my “friends.” Dollars may stop the Norisle from being entombed in her eternal grave in Davy Jones locker. Let’s place our tax dollars where they would most wisely be spent.

Michael R. White