Pre-Castro Cuba was a mob haven of forbidden pleasures

A fan of Fidel weighs in on his historical legacy

To the Expositor:

We are and have been friends of Cuba and visited there many times in support and solidarity with the Castro regime. Castro fought a war with US gangsters for control not only of Cuba, but in fact for the entire Caribbean.

The US mob plan was to control not only Cuba but all the islands that could be usurped by the mob and turned into casinos and brothels. Before Castro, this would have been a little local empire of the US underworld providing an uncontrolled playground for US tourists wanting a cheap flight to a nearby vice resort, where sex, gambling and booze would provide a close to home sin garden of all the forbidden pleasures not available under US laws and social mores.

The mob had already laid out a plan for control of the entire Caribbean with a list of personnel who would be in charge. The entire enterprise was a real business plan with mob members named for various islands and jobs. Financed by tourist gambling dollars it was a gangsters’ dream. Swept along with this plan would be a mob controlled police, government and army. Brothels would be everywhere and porn nightclubs all over Havana. This was all an example of US style business enterprise. What stood between this plan and its implementation was Fidel Castro. His revolution saved Cuba from total slavery to the American mob.

Castro was and is one of my lifetime heroes. Thank God for Fidel. 

Joseph Gold PhD

Professor Emeritus University of Waterloo

Clinical Member American Association

of Marriage and Family Therapists