Premier’s mea culpa on high electricity prices is too little too late, says Spring Bay resident

SPRING BAY—It is frankly too late for Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne to indicate it was her mistake that electricity rates in the province are so high, says a local woman.

“It is not only too late, we don’t trust her,” stated Tanya Giles, of Spring Bay. “I have to credit Premier Kathleen Wynne for finally admitting the problems regarding rising hydro cost are her mistake. We can only hope this will set the stage for positive change for Ontarians.”

“However, Kathleen Wynne and the Liberal caucus are followed by scandal after scandal and lawsuit after lawsuit,” said Ms. Giles. “They just lost a $25 million dollar NAFTA lawsuit with Windstream Energy. They are currently involved in a $75 million dollar NAFTA lawsuit with a Texas oil tycoon. Two Liberal affiliates have been charged with bribery by the OPP. CUPE is suing the premier, Minister of Energy Glenn Thibeault and Minister of Finance Charles Sousa for the sale of Hydro One. As well there are civil lawsuits being compiled against them.”

“This is just skimming the surface of reasons why Ontarians don’t trust Kathleen Wynne and her caucus,” said Ms. Giles.

“Kudos to her for taking the blame now, but the premier has been getting emails, letters of concerns and petitions for years on hydro costs and services,” said Ms. Giles. “I just don’t think we can trust them anymore.”

“It’s frustrating what she said, but now let’s see what she’s going to do about the hydro,” said Ms. Giles.  “For this reason, I have inquired if there is a possibility to petition for a recall election involving the premier. Ontarians deserve someone who is out for the best interest of Ontario, not the best interest of their party.”

The Canadian Press reported on Saturday, November 19 in the North Bay Nugget that Premier Kathleen Wynne, at the Ontario Liberals annual general meeting, is calling high electricity rates her mistake. She called it unacceptable that people who have told her that they have had to choose between paying their electricity bill and buying food or paying rent, have to make this choice.

An eight percent rebate on electricity bills is slated to take effect January 1, but Premier Wynne said in her speech she will find more ways to lower rates and reduce the burden on consumers.

After the premier told Liberal party supporters over the weekend that high electricity prices were her mistake, NDP leader Andrea Horwath challenged the premier to fix that mistake and stop any further sell-off of Hydro One.

“Families who have to choose between paying huge hydro bills or putting food on the table, businesses that have to lay off staff just to keep the lights on, or municipalities that have seen their hydro costs nearly double in under a year, none of them are interested in empty platitudes from this premier-they want action-they want to keep Hydro One in public hands,” said Ms. Horwath in a release. “If high Hydro prices are the premier’s mistake, when will she begin to fix the problem and stop any further sell-off of Hydro One?”