Proportional representation editorial omitted key arguments

Ego is less important to grown up voters than being able to throw out a decisive government

To the Expositor:

Your editorial last week regarding proportional representation (PR) (‘Progressives need to band together to overcome the right,’ May 20, Page 4) gave the three main parties no credit for impartiality in their views on proposals that we elect governments differently.

It omitted the case for the status quo as reported in your editor’s well-balanced series some time ago.

The strongest argument is that PR leads to minority or coalition government that can’t be held accountable at the next election.

Think too of the balance of power in the hands of religious extremists, as in Israel.

The weakest argument for PR is that your vote is wasted if it doesn’t help elect someone.

Experienced politicians know that significant support for any party affects the others. National NDP strength across Canada enabled Liberal prime ministers to legislate employment insurance, hospital insurance, and Medicare, as well as other progressive measures.

Those who think every vote should help elect someone presumably enthuse about tee ball where little kids gets a hit every time at the plate.

But for grown up voters their ego is less important than being able to throw out a decisive government that can actually govern. The alternative is akin to the dysfunctional mess in Washington.

Perry Anglin