Protests against Wagg’s Wood sale continue

Beneficiaries from the sale should contribute a buffer zone of trees and bushes

To the Expositor:

Cc. Central Manitoulin Council

I would like to add my name to the long list of people who have written to protest the actions of Central Manitoulin Council for selling a beautiful heritage property that was intended for the enjoyment of all residents and visitors. To suggest that people would prefer a privately-owned parking lot to a nature preserve for all to use is ludicrous.

The access to the park area has been devastated by the huge trees that were cut and left on the ground. The view has been obliterated by opening the woods up to the parking lot and commercial buildings. The trail along the creek bed has been covered with tons of gravel. The survey stakes have disappeared so it is no longer possible to determine the boundaries. The school classes that used to have field trips here will be unlikely to attend unless it is to observe an ecological ruin. And for what benefit?

Council has been offered several suggestions as a way to help right a grievous wrong against the community, but we have yet to see any progress or commitment.

It would be gratifying to see the funds from the sale being used to improve a natural beauty spot and tourist attraction for the benefit of Central Manitoulin.

Signage and rest areas, with a bench or two, does not seem like too much to ask. New trails with a lookout on the bluff are easily achieved with volunteers already coming forth. Knowledgeable park and recreation planners are available through local organizations willing to collaborate with council.

And finally, surely the beneficiary from the sale could contribute a buffer zone of trees and bushes as a goodwill gesture to the people of Central Manitoulin.


Gail (Becks) Meehan

Honora Bay