Providence Bay News and Notes

Dawn Young has been released from the hospital but is required to remain in London, close to the transplant team for another four weeks. According to her mother Patricia Young she is doing so well and walking up to two hours each day. “She looks so darn bubbly. Ten days ago I really wasn’t sure she was going to make it here in time. The doctors here are in awe of how good she is doing.” This is following her double transplants of a pancreas and kidneys. The cost to Dawn and her family is great and they continue to receive donations through a account under ‘Double transplant for Dawn Young.’ Any donations will help.

Cheryl Sheppard visited Ireland from September 2 to 9. She loved the rolling hills dotted with grazing dairy cattle and sheep. All of the fields were so green. If you mention it to an Irish person, they’ll be quick to tell you, “It’s because it rains all the time.” She spent some time in Dublin and visited the Ring of Kerry. She also visited Blarney Castle in the county of Cork and kissed the Blarney Stone.

The Lake Huron Fish and Chips closed their doors for the season on Sunday, September 3. They had a fantastic summer from all appearances and reports. The village and late season tourists will miss the local business.

More work has been done to the village square. A big thank you goes out to the dedicated volunteers that reliably return to ensure the beautification of the community.

The fishermen have returned! Well we know that the fisherman have been here all summer, but now they’re showing up with their hip waders which is a sure sign that the annual salmon spawn has begun or soon will be. The salmon will soon be seen fighting their way up the Mindemoya River from the mouth in the bay.

Ralf Island Truck Parts officially opened on Thursday, September 8. They are situated at Dryden’s Corner in the old J-Bob’s store. Entrepreneurs Renee Cranston and husband Scott Harper opened the business hoping to increase the availability of vehicle parts rather than having to wait sometimes days for a part to come in. Stop in and visit them to see if they have the part that you need.

Well, we heard from a hayfield bride and groom that Pam and Kevin will be married on September 17. We hope to get a full report that we can pass on to y’all.

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