Providence Bay News & Notes

The warm weekend we had on the 22nd and 23rd is bringing many people out to enjoy the beach, exercise equipment, playground and boardwalk. Many fishermen have been spotted trying their luck at catching rainbow trout now that the smelt run is finished. People were spotted doing yard work and having fires and many trips on Saturday to the dump as spring clean-up is being done.

The NHL playoffs are holding many people captive indoors as they cheer for their favourite team. A couple of local favourite teams are the Montreal Canadiens, who lost their playoff spot on Saturday leaving may Toronto Maple Leaf Fans in a position to brag – but not for long as they were ousted the very next day.

There has been a lot of activity going on at the Mutchmor as renovations are underway for the Mutchmor Lofts which are expected to be opening in June. There will be three boutique suites for rent: The Owl’s Nest, The Bear’s Den and The Treehouse. More information can be found about them on the airbnb website at We’ve also received notice that the Canada Post Office will be relocating from their office in Huron Sands to the Mutchmor. So much going on for young entrepreneurs Matthew Garniss and Bridget Sarpong

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for the scheduled power outage on Sunday, April 30 from 7:30 to 11:30 am for Hydro One to perform regular maintenance.

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