Quick solution to Cup and Saucer parking upsets writer

Why is the Bridal Veil Falls parking issue not being dealt with?

To the Expositor:

Re. Article on October 18, 2017 ‘MTO bans Cup and Saucer parking on Hwy 540.’

As I read this article I found myself getting a little angry, only because there has been an ongoing problem for as long as I can remember in Kagawong at the Bridal Veil Falls which, by the way, is on Hwy 540 also.

It made me wonder why, when the Cup and Saucer has a problem with parking on the highway, something got done right away? Well, the problem with parking on Hwy 540 in Kagawong seems to be put on the back burner, both by the MTO and the police. I guess they are waiting for someone to get killed or seriously injured before doing something to deal with this problem.

I found that at the Cup and Saucer area there is a wide shoulder for the cars to park on, which gets them well off the road, not so at the Bridal Veil Falls. In fact, the cars are usually parked on the driving part of the highway, giving other cars and trucks very little room to get by without hitting each other. I know Billings put a parking lot close by, but it does not get much use yet, nor is it big enough to handle all the traffic in the summer months.

So maybe you can tell me why the MTO and police find one problem more important than the other, after all, we do pay taxes for this type of problem.

Thanks for listening,

Sharon Montgomery