Rainbow District School Board fires back on closure “battle”

No schools on Manitoulin were ever slated for review

To the Expositor:

In a page 1 article in The Manitoulin Expositor on November 23, 2016 entitled “School closures protest spread,” the following is attributed to Manitoulin Trustee Larry Killens: Mr. Killens said that while he won his battle against Island school closures and rationalization, the battle is far from over. “They wanted to move Grades 7-8 from Assiginack Public School and Central Manitoulin to Manitoulin Secondary School, I successfully managed to fight that one,” he said.

After a discussion at the November 29, 2016 Strategic Planning Committee meeting, the following motion was passed: “That The Manitoulin Expositor be notified that the schools on the Island were never under review.”

Rainbow District School Board wants to assure Manitoulin residents, our dedicated staff and, in particular, our students, parents and guardians that our schools on Manitoulin Island were never under review.

There was no recommendation or discussion, let alone a “battle,” to move Grades 7-8 from Assiginack Public School and Central Manitoulin Public School to Manitoulin Secondary School.

Rainbow District School Board sincerely appreciates The Manitoulin Expositor’s support of our students and staff. We thank you for the opportunity to correct the record and look forward to working with you in the future.


Norm Blaseg

Director of Education

Rainbow District School Board