Reader writes in support of dog parks

To the Expositor:

This letter is in reply to Sandra Morgan’s open letter to Central Manitoulin Council (‘Prov Bay beach needs dog-friendly area designated,’ July 4, page 4). Having dog-friendly spaces on Manitoulin would enhance our image as far as tourism is concerned.

Dog-friendly spaces aren’t such a novel idea. Just “Google” the 89 alphabetically-listed dog-friendly off-leash parks and beaches in Ontario ( and check out the website for Canadian parks, beaches and trails that welcome dogs. While only one dog park is listed in Northern Ontario (in Thunder Bay), let’s not forget that many tourists who consider their pooches part of the family, come here from southern Ontario.

And let us not forget that those who don’t want dogs on the beach will also welcome such an area.

Those of us who travel with dogs already look for dog-friendly hotels. Why not feature some dog spaces on Manitoulin? They can be added to this website with the click of a mouse.

There are many underutilized municipal green spaces. Some fenced in baseball areas are rarely used. Why not let one of them go to the dogs? It’s not too much to ask as dog owners are taxpayers and whether they use them or not, it would certainly not tarnish our image where the tourists are concerned.

Helga Reilly


EDITOR’S NOTE: An off-leash dog park was created in Kagawong last year and can be found at the site of the former ball fields.