A rebuttal to scurious historical hockey allegations

We don’t need no sneaky whistles to win a hockey game—we had Ellis Caddle!

To the Expositor:

In response to ‘Central Manitoulin hosts sports reunion,’ June 29, page 7, and the 1953-54 hockey finals between Providence Bay and Mindemoya, the Providence Bay Maroons did not need a phantom whistle from the stands to win the Fullerton Trophy. (EDITOR’S NOTE: The Expositor incorrectly named the trophy in question as the Pearson Cup.) Providence Bay had a great young team, faster and dedicated compared to the older and slower Mindemoya team that year.

We also had a great goalie in Ellis Caddle. We won the games fair and square, as did Mindemoya. The year after, no excuses, Mr. Cooper did not mention the fact that Duff Brown dispatched Wilfred Wagg and Morrison Caddle to Providence Bay to get our goalie drunk the day before the final game.

Thanks to Glenn and Ellis Caddle, they sent the boys and their booze packing back to Mindemoya with their tails between their legs,

Shame, shame on you Don Cooper to show so much lack of sportsmanship and bias after all these years. We were there and we are still here.

Harold Dewar and Abe Oakes

Providence Bay

PS: Providence Bay Maroons won the Fullerton Trophy division two years in a row.