Red flashing lights on school buses mean stop!

A word from a very concerned and worried grandma

To the Expositor:

After watching this incident over and over as my grandchildren get on or off the school bus each morning or afternoon I am compelled to address the issue: red flashing lights on a school bus mean you must stop!

In this school year alone vehicles have passed the flashing school bus at our gate in Mindemoya 18 times! Once is one too many times. What will it take, a child to be seriously hurt or even death?

Please, if you are in that much of a hurry get up a little earlier or leave a little earlier so you are not in such a rush, think of the life that you are risking and the devastation you cause! Children are precious. Please think, be alert and stop before you pass those flashing school bus lights.

A very concerned and worried grandma,

Menesa Corbiere

Highway 551