Relief expressed for ‘at capacity’ rating for Manitou

To the Expositor:

I am glad to see the Ontario government’s bill to further protect our natural environment from invasive species (‘Anglers, hunters support proposed legislation for invasive species eradication’ March 5, page 1).

One of the greatest immediate dangers is the potential invasion of Asian carp into the Great Lakes. Our native fish population has already been through devastating invasions. The first sea lamprey in Lake Huron was spotted in 1932, and quickly became the scourge of the Upper Great Lakes. By 1945 the trout catch around Manitoulin Island was down to just two tons. There’s a connection between this invasive species story and Lake Manitou, because Lake Manitou, so far, is a safe haven for lake trout. It is free of sea lamprey! That’s one reason why it is so important not to pollute this special lake trout lake.

I am relieved the Ministry of Natural Resources is declaring Lake Manitou as “at capacity” (‘MNR ends Lake Manitou development, March 5, page 1) to try to prevent further deterioration of the lake trout habitat there. Despite the top headline, 150 existing lots will be developed, which still sounds like a lot for a lake that currently has dissolved oxygen levels below standard for lake trout habitat.

Thank you,
Jan McQuay