Report notes politicians must step forward for own ‘haircut’

To the Expositor:

I felt that the reference by Robert Fife of CTV News when recently referring to yet another round of financial cuts and hardships to the taxpayer as “everyone is getting a haircut” as appropriate.

His report on CTV also noted that the Drummond Report pointed to politicians and their millions of dollars spending also need to be looked at and should step up to the plate for their own haircut. He suggested a figure as well to be cut from them.

Mr. Fife also explained that the politicians went into a caucus (hiding) and came out stating they could not function under those restraints and are not subject to a “haircut.” Even stranger, he adds, in a rare move all politicians agreed!

Let’s take a rough assessment of the credibility of this person named Don Drummond and just how serious we should take his report: First, Dalton McGuinty handpicked Don Drummond (bad news); second, Politicians have balked at being looked at to share the pain. (Not Good); third, It is a proven fact, not guessing or posturing, that having one school system in Ontario would save over a billion dollars right from the start (by the way, more than Mr. Drummond is asking for in cuts the first year).

Wow, here come the politicians for another pound of flesh. Remember the worldwide protests by the one percenters? Wonder what is next?

Politicians quite often tell us what “Ontarians” think, so I will take a stab at it. Ontarians are willing to suffer more than they already are and want a treatment to cure the financial ills we collectively face. Ontarians even more so want the government and their members to share in that cure and suffer with us. They must work to be more accountable and most definitely more credible and honest. Look at all avenues for saving starting with politicians, education and do not stop there.

Larry Killens

South Baymouth