Right to the Point

Premier Kathleen Wynne to visit Manitoulin

MANITOULIN—The Recorder has learned that the Premier of Ontario, Kathleen Wynne, is visiting Manitoulin Island this weekend.

The Recorder has learned that while her complete itinerary has not been filled as of yet, Ms. Wynne will be visiting Manitoulin Island. The premier will also be visiting Espanola on Sunday, specifically the Espanola Hospital to make a funding announcement.

MICC to host adult-junior nine hole golf tournament

GORDON—To help promote kids golfing, the Manitoulin Island Country Club will be hosting an adult-junior nine hole fun scramble golf tournament, which will be preceded by a drive, chip and putt championship for the kids.

“It is more about participating than winning,” said John Windsor, one of the main organizers of the event, which will take place Sunday, July 14. “There will be the drive, chip and putt competition for the youngsters, similar to the one they hold at Augusta National for the Masters every year, then a nine hole scramble format tournament for adults and junior golfers will take place. It’s about promoting junior golf and for a parent, grandparent or the like to spend a great time on the golf course.”

“Mary Lea-Buchan will be running the drive, chip and putt contest, where you score points in each event. It emphasizes all of a player’s skills,” said Mr. Windsor.

He pointed out all junior golfers under 18 can compete. “It’s all about participating, and we are hoping for as many kids to come out as is possible.”

A championship drive, chip and putt winning cap will  be presented, as there will be for the scramble-tournament, said Mr. Windsor.

After the day’s events a delicious dinner of chicken parmesan and chicken wings will be served for all participants in the clubhouse. For more information call 705-282-2282.