Right to the Point

Township to hire economic development officer

KAGAWONG—Billings council is in the process of  hiring an economic development officer for the township.

At a Billings council meeting last week, township Clerk Kathy McDonald told council that, “we need to advertise for applications for the position of EDO (economic development officer)  to go in  this week’s (Island) newspapers.”

Cellular mobile broadband project completed on Western Manitoulin

MANITOULIN—The recently completed mobile broadband cellular wireless service on Western and a portion of Central Manitoulin will not only provide a safety aspect for all residents but hopefully bring in more tourists to the Island.

“There is a big safety aspect with having enhanced mobile broadband cellular wireless service, and that was one of the biggest reasons we wanted the service here,” said Dale VanEvery, of Meldrum Bay. “And, on top of that it should bring more tourists to the Island; if kids can’t use their cell phones parents can’t come here.”

Mr. VanEvery noted that the service has been so good, “a couple of residents in Meldrum Bay cancelled their telephone land lines.”

“Our cell phone service works very good,” said Mr. VanEvery, who was one of the advocates who spearheaded a campaign in lobbying to get mobile broadband cellular wireless service in place. He pointed out, “there had been some concerns raised that residents on Little Lake Huron Road would not get the service. But their service was already working well at last year’s deer hunting season.”

“Morry (Brown-of NetCentral) had told me a week before Christmas that the service in our area would be up and running and it was,” added Mr. VanEvery.