Roads board representative says local residents concerns will be addressed

Using a ladder and a car in the background, Jim Noble says that this picture shows how high the level of the road adjacent to his property has been made, due to tar and chipping work that has been carried out on the road recently.

SILVER WATER—While a Silver Water resident says that a build-up of tar and chip (with road work being carried out) has caused the road in front of his farm property on Cooks Dock Road to be high enough in levels it is preventing him from getting from the road to the barn on his property; a member of the Robinson local roads board said this will be cleaned up as it is for every residence when this type of thing occurs.

“Right now I can’t get down into the barn on my property, off the road. If you took a half ton truck in you would have to get a tractor to get it out,” Jim Noble told the Recorder this past Monday. “They built up the road too high. You couldn’t take a load of hay from the road to the barn because it would upset a vehicle because the road is too high.”

“It’s a hell of a mess,” stated Mr. Noble. He pointed out that fortunately this year he is not raising cattle this year, but will be again next year and will need access to his barn. “They have built the road up too much and even a big cattle truck driven in front of the loading shoot (for hay) would have big problems getting in.”

“That road is on a given road and basically I own to the middle of the road but can’t do anything to stop the work being done because it is deemed a public road,” continued Mr. Noble, who said he has sent pictures of the problem to his lawyer and is in the process of contacting Algoma-Manitoulin MPP Michael Mantha on his concerns with what has taken place.

“Lyle (Addison) (a  member of the local roads board) said a year and a half ago that nothing was going to be done to the road,” said Mr. Noble. “All I want is for the road to be put back to the way it was.”

“I have contacted members of the roads board, the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) highway supervisor and the (MTO) foreman who is doing work on the road. None of the three members of the roads board, or the highway were contacted about there being a problem on the road. We were unaware of any difficulties,” Mr. Addison told the Recorder.

Mr. Addison explained, “that for every driveway that has seen built up too much with the tar and chipping will be cleaned up.” If the road is too high or steep he said this would be rectified, he said, noting that the road will be paved in the next few days.

“Most people would call the roads board if there was a problem and we would have it cleaned up, like we do if a road needs to be widened or a new culvert put in for example,” added Mr. Addison.