Spring Bay News

Spring seems to be here. Some people in our area have already cut their lawns, we haven’t!

Apparently Erwin, after reading last week’s Spring Bay News, spent both last Saturday and Sunday afternoons sitting on his front deck, but did not have any thoughts that entertained him!

Get well wishes to Anne Paisley, Dawn Young and Harold Kirk; we trust they will have speedy recoveries.

Spring Bay euchre is at the Spring Bay Community Centre Friday nights at 7:30 pm, all skill levels are welcome. Our admission price is $2 per person, which includes playing cards and a light lunch following.

Coffee without caffeine, beer with without alcohol, milk without fat, bread without gluten! What’s next? Bridal suites with bunk beds! (Can’t wait to hear Erwin’s comments on this).

Get well wishes to those both in hospital and recuperating at home.

Preliminary construction work on Highway 540 is well underway, however, traffic flow management by flag people or automatic traffic lights, in our experience, is keeping delays to a minimum.

We were recently advised to check, continually, the power usage shown on our hydro bills against those shown on our smart (?) meter. Ours were in error (in Hydro One favour) by over 50 percent.

If you have any news, call Dorothy at 705-282-2992.