Spring Bay News

Spring Bay euchre started Friday, November 4. We had a good turnout of players. Although, we will always welcome more. Come on out on Fridays at 7:30 pm to the Spring Bay Community Centre and have a good time. NOTE: In honour of our veterans, we will not have euchre on Remembrance Day (Friday, November 11). Our next euchre night is Friday, November 18. We hope to see you there!

Euchre results for Friday, November 4: ladies’ high, Dorothy, 87; ladies’ lone hands, Dorothy, 3; ladies’ low, Irene, 49; men’s high, Bill, 77; men’s lone hands, Bill, 6; men’s low, Barry, 48.

With the time change we will have more daylight through the morning. Now we can get a little more yard work completed prior to winter.

When you become famous, you can’t forget old friends. Oh, you can try, but they won’t let you.

Get well wishes to those recovering at home and those in the hospital.

Ice Lake is still suffering from low water level—down approximately 18”. A week of steady rain would certainly help to bring the lake back up.

They say that millions of germs can live on a dollar bill. They’re lucky. With me, it doesn’t even buy a cup of coffee.

Have news? Call Dorothy to have it put in the paper. Phone 705-282-2992. If I’m not home, leave a message on my machine, I’ll call you back.

November 2

During the past two or three weeks I have been watching a raspberry cane growing beside the cottage. It had two nice red berries on it that were just about ready to pick but something, bird or animal, ate one but it was considerate…it left the larger berry for me!

Our sympathy is extended to the family of Bill Graham who passed away October 22.

We must remember to thank the members of our armed forced on Remembrance Day (November 11)—those who didn’t come back home, those who came back with permanent injuries and those who came home safe and uninjured. A special thanks is extended to the families of those who didn’t survive the war. Remember! They all fought to maintain the safety of our country.

A man was concerned about how fast the cars were travelling the road in front of his house so he called the highway department. Almost immediately a sign maker and his assistant arrived to remedy the situation. After much discussion, however, the sign maker and the man could not seem to agree on the best way to get motorists to slow down. The assistant, who had not said a word during the entire argument, then spoke up and said, “a sign saying “Bridge Out” oughta do it.”

Brenda Fenerty, Gail Emery and I went for a ‘drive about’ to look at the fall colours which ended with the three of us having a late lunch away from home—the time we spent together was most enjoyable.

“Could I try on the trousers in the window?” asked the customer in the men’s wear shop. “You can if you want, sir,” replied the salesman, “but we do have a dressing room.”

We went to the optometrist for our annual eye check-up—neither of us need a dog or a white cane!

We’ve been busy following our annual exercise regimen; some people call it putting the firewood in the wood shed. Great exercise but we either need less wood or a smaller wood shed.

Please drive carefully—the wet leaves on the roads can be slippery.