Spring Bay News

I didn’t think it was possible to have a dandelion bloom at this time of year, it is possible and I have one!

Husband, in hospital room, to wife with new baby. “Seems like everything we do lately has side effects.”

Deer season, for rifles, starts on Monday, November 21. Please be sure of what you are shooting at so that we have an accident free hunt. Have a successful hunt and an enjoyable time.

The major, having tasted a sample of the new chief cook’s work, called him over. “Soldier,” he asked, “Did you say you had cooked before?” “Yes, sir,” replied the soldier. “I was a cook in the officers’ kitchen for two years. Wounded twice.” “You’re a lucky man,” exclaimed the major. “It’s a wonder they didn’t kill you!”

The water level in Ice Lake is getting lower. We need a lot of heavy rains or Ice Lake will have to be re-named ‘Ice Puddle!’

Spring Bay euchre Friday, November 18 at 7:30pm. C’mon out and have a fun evening; all welcome.

The highway construction on the Island is just about completed for this season. The only minimal delay is at the canal feeding the generator at Kagawong.