Spring Bay News

November 18 Euchre results: ladies’ high, Reta, 70; ladies’ lones, Reta, 4; ladies low, Barb 58; men’s high, Ruth 73; men’s lones, Ruth, 4; men’s low, Bill M, 58.

Our sympathy to the family of Maria McDermid who passed away recently.

Did you go shopping on Black Friday? How much did you actually save?

A friend’s dog ate all the scrabble tiles. Now he keeps leaving little messages around the house!

There will be a Town Hall meeting in M’Chigeeng on Monday, December 12 from 6 to 8 pm at the Manitoulin Secondary School to allow the public to provide their input regarding Hydro One rates and services. Our charges for electrical energy are now quoted as being the highest in North America. Our premier and her cabinet, however, are still unable to understand the reason major industries are leaving Ontario, not to relocate to Mexico (as our government would have us believe) but to relocate in the U.S. and provide jobs there. Can our premier not read and understand cold, hard facts and figures?

It’s extremely difficult to build a political platform that supports candidates without holding up taxpayers!

Since our recent snow left us, we’re wondering whether to get the lawn mower back out.

Deer season is over but deer are still roaming, take care when driving.

Any news? Call Dorothy at 705-282-2992.