Spring Bay News

Jim Brossart is now at home following his release from Mindemoya hospital. We’re glad to hear you’re now on the mend, Jim. Get well wishes to all suffering from ill health in hospital or at home.

The fall colours are fast disappearing around the camp leaving the trees looking very bare.

The Campbell Horticultural Society Fall Supper was on Tuesday, October 20 at the Mindemoya Curling Club. Many of our members and a few guests attended. The Society auction sale raised $268 which is used to further Society activities and donations.

The Twilight Club met on Monday, October 26 at noon with the next meeting scheduled for the last Monday in November.

A woman was trying to get 1.5 cups of ketchup from the bottle for a recipe she was preparing. During the struggle to get the ketchup, the telephone rang and, as she had flour and ketchup on her hands she asked her four-year-old daughter to answer the phone. The daughter dutifully reported that her mother couldn’t come to the phone right now because she is hitting the bottle.

We had a heavy frost Sunday night, October 26. Now Barry and I must get busy preparing and freezing the Brussel sprouts and parsnips. He does all the preparation while I do the packaging and labelling.

Barry was looking out our front window and said he was tired of looking at all the leaves. He solved the problem by closing the drapes!

When driving at night, keep a close watch for deer. We’ve lost count of all we have seen in our travels!

All for now. If you have any news, call Dorothy at 705-282-2992.