Suggestions to reeve and council

To the Expositor:

Mindemoya could be developed into a most wonderful retirement resort if our Reeve Gerry Strong and the Central Manitoulin council would perform their elected duties and responsibilities.

My opinion first, King Street is King Street, not recognized as Highway 542. Highway 542 happens to run on King Street so we have a highway designated route sign so please stop using Highway 542 on our letterheads.

Following are a few suggestions:

Make a motion, no freight crate construction allowed. We have plenty of lumber yards and suggest the freighters recycle them.

Another motion should be made to forbid using treated drinking water to water lawns. This would be a first and maybe this motion would repeat itself around the world and help the world’s water supply. The golf courses can drill their own wells to keep their grass looking green and pristine. As we all noticed after the last long drought with the lawns looking like straw it just took mother nature a couple of rains to turn our lawns green again.

If we continue to allow our seniors to be ignored with no transit systems and having to pay high taxes and exorbitant water and sewer costs; (with Elliot Lake advertising their low cost living with a transit system) it might tempt many Central Manitoulin residents to leave to retire elsewhere. But even with the high water, sewer and taxes I will stubbornly stay, but please do not put any unnecessary drainage expenses or municipal purchases on my taxes or I might be tempted.

Also, apply for any government grants available and expand the municipal and library building.

Also, to help lower taxes keep one arena only and one community hall and put the rest up for sale to private enterprises.

This is my opinionated opinion.

Willard Taylor