Tehkummah Talk and Times

Cal was a great help to me today, he did a bit of shopping for me then delivered my early deadline news over to the municipal office. I’ve been in sleepwaker steadily since Feb. 11. This, for the record, is Feb. 13.

Lorna came in and picked up some of the stuff for the sandwiches and the hall. I’ve already had two naps this morning.

No one stole my purse or the rest of my groceries, how long was I out or did I just about faint? I’m folded over my groceries in the back of the van. I had to really force myself to move. So I did go and walk into the emergency room, but I wasn’t as bad as I thought I was I guess. I had taken my laundry with me but I was too exhausted so I brought it all back home with me.

Sherry took my laundry and returned it all nice and clean and folded. Tara was just in and brought some ginger ale, which actually tastes good. I’ve been drinking “water”, coffee tasted awful.

Saturday morning- Lorna waded through the snow to my door early this morning. I feel guilty, for the first time in years I haven’t been able to help get ready for the Sr. U.C.W. Tea.

I was talking to Helen (Oswald) this morning, she has been really sick this week too, a hospital run. She lost her sister-in-law Minnie this week too; the service today in Sudbury she had to miss!

I can’t believe our “Maple Leaf Flag” is celebrating its 50th anniversary, “OH CANADA”!

Mollie blew around from the Hall after the Valentine Day Tea with sandwiches and squares for me. She said there was a good crowd, but I was doubtful because of the wild weather. A great disappointment to the ladies who worked so hard to get ready for the event. But the weather is something we don’t control.

I gave Mollie her birthday card. I guess Susan put a birthday party on for her on Friday evening at their place.

Sherry cut her hand on a glass and had stitches put in Saturday (evening). She also was already dealing with the flu bug. It never rains but it pours? Kim and Kathy phoned me this morning from Clarksburg, just as cold down that-a-way I guess. Lorna just called, moneywise it sounds like they did fairly well considering the day. But any day greeting the public is good. Reta looked after the door so that worked for them. Thanks to all who helped out.

Valentine Tea Draws:

Door prizes:

The dog, young Avery

Purple carnations, Jean McCauley

2 plates, Sauder

Photo frame, Judy Blue, Betty Jean Bailey

Hawaiian mug, Jenna Wood

Candle, Jordan

Pink flower vase, Avery

Grocery box, Simon Girouard

Chocolate bundt cake, Laurene Holloway

Giraffe, Ruth Tarr

Valentine bear basket, Betty Jean Bailey

Slipper bag, Mollie McCauley

Silver photo album, Linda Bowerman

Jam and jelly basket, Joan McMurray

Lamb in a basket, Jean McCauley

Free draw, young Jordan

Bird candle holder, Pauline Martin

Casserole carrier, Joan Beard

Flower decoration, (?)

Valentine box, Pauline Martin

Thank you to all who donated to our draws and prizes and to all who support us!

Mollie was in this Monday morning on her way back to Elliot Lake. I guess she had a pretty good birthday weekend.

Lorna called in with the information for me. She was going to bring my veggies back, but they were gone from the fridge at the hall already?

Tara and Skylar came in with the news of Ray’s dad Jim Reckahn’s death Tuesday morning. Ray, Tara and Skylar headed for Elliot Lake to be with Marg.

A phone call from cousin Joan in Florida who is soaking up sunshine and enjoying it; she said her sister Pat (in Elliot Lake) fell and broke a bone in her back. Get well soon Pat (extreme arthritis).

Cal was in for a little visit though he never stays long.

Susan asked me to say thank you to “all” the men who helped her get her vehicle unstuck at Green Acres. A lovely bunch of helpful guys (on Wednesday evening!)

I made a pan of squares for the euchre tournament. Despite the cold night we had 10 tables. Joan (Beard) brought cake and a veggie tray (as the birthday party was cancelled, she had goodies ready). Betty Jean and Dorothy helped me clean up, thanks so much.

First Place: Pat and Jordan (Novack)-79

Second: Donna and Elia- 78

Third: Dorothy A and Ken- 76

Fourth: Hugh and Lyla- 71

Low: Margery and Lloyd- 51

Four cuts for six Lone Hands: Ken Pepper

Door Prize: Dorothy Cronk

I see Tara, Ray and Skylar are home from Elliot Lake (tonight, midnight).

I finally had a few games of cards with Mom today. She beat me despite having a needle in her eye yesterday; Susan and Pauline took her to Sudbury.

Rob Gill came in while I was there and brought Mom some fresh fish. He’s been at the apartment for a week now, the fishing is excellent he says.

I’m gonna sleep my life away! “My gosh I’m good at it”. I woke at 5:30 am in my chair. Finally bed and here it is 10am and I’m still tired! Hey thanks for the nice cheer (me) up notes Helen, Loretta and Friend Wayne (your very humorous letter) just what I needed!

I had a week’s worth of mail again waiting. Sherry phoned with the sad news of May Maguire’s passing Friday evening. Sympathy to the family and her friends who will miss her sense of humor. I had a couple of fun trips over the years with May, Sherry and Joan.

Cal and I had our weekly outing to Carol’s and Earl’s, there are always folks to visit with in there. Sunday I got “half” ready for church but circumstances dictated that I should stay close to home.

This weekend, Sunday, March 1, the Tehkummah Winter Fun events begin, starting with the pancake breakfast at 9am, fun events and movies for kids, BBQ, euchre tournament at 1:30 at the Hall and Roll and Bowl supper (chili or stew) at 4:30. Always a fun day, see you there.