Tehkummah Talk and Times

Mom was at Susan and Simon’s to help Paula celebrate her 44th birthday on the evening of Saturday 20th. Paula and Sean were over on their own from Sudbury.

I delivered a few cupcakes around to help celebrate International Cupcake Day. It took a lot of energy to activate me. I let Mom beat me three straight games today (Monday), darn it! She and I did fairly well at bingo.

The white amaryllis put up another lovely four blooms on its stem. For a winning bulb it’s truly a winner. The blossoms last about two weeks too.

You know how you’re always going to drop a note or write, well this morning I actually phoned (I’m not much of a phone person) but while going through stuff, (always), I found Ruth Brisson’s number and surprised her. She has sent me quite a few historical newspaper items over time; I quite appreciate it!

Thanks Eleanor (Lentir) for words of cheer up, and the poem.

I’m sure hoping I last till spring, though my body is in definite hibernation mode. Fell asleep in my Laz-y-girl chair, got up at nine and went to bed, slept until nine. This morning the phone woke me at 10 to 10, don’t know where it’s all going to end. I thought sleeping sickness was tropical (maybe not?).

Betty-Jean called in early one morning to visit me, she had already been up for blood work. I offered her a piece of toast on her way out!!

How come us old codgers fill up our weekly and it feels like yesterday and we’re filling them again. A sad state of affairs when that’s how we measure time!

Cal stopped in for coffee and cake, a short visit, as I was ready to go with Dorothy to the Manitowaning Euchre Tournament. Needless to say we weren’t in the winner’s circle! We had fun though, a good afternoon. Hello Weston, I was talking to Gail there! I was saddened to read of Joan Budd’s death. 104 is a pretty fair age, a lovely lady. She will be missed by her friends!

Happy birthday to nephew Jeff Rennie, Derek and Jodi celebrated their (39th?) wedding anniversary on the 28th. Lots of Tehkummah area news in our last Expositor, eh what. Sometimes there are specials at the municipal office!

I got my month of Euchre lunches in with Margaret’s help, so I guess I owe her one. Merlin and I both got a happy face on Thursday afternoon. It should be worth an onion or something?

There were three and three quarter’s tables at euchre.

Ladies’ high, Marg (Case), 67, lone hands, Joan (Beard), 3, ladies’ low, me, 49, men’s high, Wayne (Martin), 71, men’s lone hands, Graham (Fogal), 3, men’s low, Simon, 46.

I zipped across to Mom’s where Meals on Wheels awaited. Joan did Mom’s toesies up nicely. Then we had a few games of cribbage. I won some/most/almost all. Linda says her mom Elaine is not doing so well, thinking of you.

Partridge tracks in my back yard. The soup will be thin I think.

Hello Pearl, Nora and John.

Well two trips to Mom’s today, eight games and we evened out in the overall, close games. She invited me to supper hence so many games. Sunday evening I was gooder.

Nice to give Ma Laura and Sissy Pat a hug! Thanks for the nice cards, no win!

Thursday afternoon euchre at 1:30 at the Hall.

Mom said she woke up in the night and Riley was staring at her and she said ‘Riley I’m cold’. When she woke this morning there was a pillow near her feet, and the blanket from the couch beside her on the floor. I always knew this cat was above average, but have you ever heard of such a thing? I could just picture him trying to get the blanket to her!! (He is a big cat.)

Jaxon went walkabout this past week, getting in a town visit, and possibly close to big trouble. Cal said the dog looked happy as can be riding home with Cole!!

Well here it is Sunday evening again. Another week shot and the first day of March and a great day it has been. Started with the wonderful breakfast at the Hall and a full house that was. The “McCauley Clan” with the whole hall as back up sang happy birthday to Arnold (Lochead), 78 today.

Mom and I were warmly welcomed at St. Andrews church (I had missed so many Sundays). Justin Coutts did the service on Gratitude! “It’s not the happy that are grateful but the grateful who are happy.”

Back at the Hall for the euchre tournament, 12 1/2 tables. My partner, Maurice Sagle and I got along pretty well and we finished middle of the pack (sort of). First place, Lyla and Hugh, 84 points and nine lone hands; second, Dorothy and Leila, 81, third, Linda and Andy, 76, fourth, Simon and Marg (Case), 74, low, Brad and Bill, 43, door prize, Eila Hughson.

I had met these folks before, but they wanted to meet the writer of “Tehk Talk.” They were very complimentary. I’m so often humbled by folks seeming appreciative of my writing, and I have been down lately too! But I thank Betty and John Noble! (They live in Betty McGregor’s place in Sandfield.) Willard with his (hobbly) sciatic bones, Lois and Mary, also recuperating from the “bug,” are you better Eugene?

Ken Elford just celebrated his “plenty” ninth (I think) birthday.

I guess the usual events went on outside: Log sawing, etc., Library, sale, and it is called “Winter Fun Day” for a reason. Saw kids on top of the snow mountain. Quite a few stayed around for supper, good chili and stew, and good desserts too. Reasonable price, very nice!!

Happy Birthday Cole.

Thanks to the workers for the Fun Day!! (I’ll bet they were tired!)

I watched a show called “Secrets and Lies.” I got right into it but I came to the conclusion. It must be a series? I don’t watch continued stories I even hate reading them! Now what?

Lighter frost, blue jays squall, could spring be approaching? At least we’ve had sun! I just remembered this morning I was going to go and check our sky for Northern Lights last night. Why don’t we see them anymore? Is it because we don’t look?