Tehkummah Talk and Times

I didn’t realize I was witnessing murder! It was so quiet. I thought a dove was landing beneath the bird feeder but the absolute stillness and quietness, chasing all the music from my yard in less than a half an hour, it did a fly through again and picked one out of the air near the feeders. Now I’m feeling guilty for setting up a bait/feeding station for the hawk? When they came back to the feeders there was no singing. They were so quiet. I don’t know what speed the hawk flies but it was fast! At that rate it will clean them out. Yesterday I saved a rose-breasted grosbeak. It knocked itself out on the window. By the time I got outside Cleo had it, but she just set it down. After a half an hour’s rest it was ready to fly away.

Thank you for all my nice cards and notes this week again. Dorothy Cronk has a bug now too. Cal said he had a cold, but he’ll be happy even so. This guy who doesn’t like cats was happy when Milo came home hungry and glad to be back as well.

My days are as always busy even when I watch TV with my eyes closed! Laundromat Tuesday morning, afternoon we took in the Sr. U.C.W. meeting at Joan’s. There were seven members there. It was a good meeting. I got some more of the Mother’s Day flowers delivered out.

Congratulations to Ross and Susan Ward on the wonderful new addition to their store. I’m sure it will be much appreciated by the people of this area and our summer visitors as well.

Thank you Rosemary for inviting me to sing at your get-together in Wiky on Saturday night. She had fifteen entertainers lined up for the program. I appreciated being asked, but I’m sounding very frog-like these days.

All women at Fairview on Sunday—We do tend to make the rafters sing (I think) but what a welcome addition to have Mary O’Neill back. We missed her voice. She and Barry were away for a long time. Our sermon today was on compassion. Excellent! Mary’s ‘Minute for Missions’ on the blessings and thank yous that our ministers deserve. They do so much beyond that weekly sermon. Martin said a few words at Elaine McGauley’s burial on Thursday afternoon. Joan said Vince McCauley’s burial was the same day in Toronto.

Joan and I went to Manitowaning and had a cup of tea at the Queen Street General. I love Lisa’s nice smile!

Wednesday afternoon Mum and I took in the memorial and tribute to Burt Bosje’s life. It was a packed place. Some nice memories from the family and Martin took the service. I feel certain some of the stories came from Burt first? Lots of photographs taken from a life well lived. Burt’s famous for his smile and kind ways and he will be sadly missed. Prayers and blessings to Elaine, Sean and family.

Sherry, Mum and I had a few games of cribbage.

Here it is Sunday bedtime already. I have to backtrack a bit. Marg arrived on Friday. She is always busy when she’s here. She and Tara with help from the kids finally dismantled the broken down greenhouse. At the far camp ram’s head lady slippers are in bloom. The wild plum trees are in their glory. Bilberry and chokecherry making a show. When I was standing at the top of the hill and looking to the distance the pinks and greens of the awakening spring (at Elaine’s burial). Such beauty.

June McDougall, Mary Yett, Mum and I had a nice visit and lunch at the Garden Shed after church. They’re all so nice there.

Cal and I went back to camp for supper. Roast beef and pork chops barbecued and all sorts of delicious salads. Tavis and Alicia, Pauline, Wayne, Sherry, Dave, Tara, Ray, Marg, Jacob, Skylar, Lori and Rick. Lori entertained, a bit of a sing-a-long. Despite the circling smoke and the attacking blackflies we had a super get-together as always.

Did you lose a key on Saturday? One was found at the end of Joan Sagle’s driveway. Just give her a call!

I’m still singing Elvis songs this week!

Hey, I hear Laurie and Greg Jennings were surprised with a fortieth wedding anniversary dinner out at Garden’s Gate on Sunday evening. No mention of an anniversary when we were at the Garden Shed on Sunday.

Rob Harkes dropped in with a “Hi Maw!” He’s moving home he says. He had his friend Andy with him. Rob was up opening the cottage.

Busy in Tehkummah today!