Tehkummah Talk and Times

I was concerned that the swallow tail butterflies weren’t going to show up as they’re late. The lilac is in full bloom. Usually they come with the first blooms, just a couple of bumble bees on the cherry and apple blossoms. (June 2) Where are the bees now? They seemed plentiful with the crocus.

Tara and I went to Garden Shed for our lunch today, and a garden walk through at J.D’s.

Six full tables at Cribbage (Wednesday 1:30pm). Today, Laura and Pat were back again after they, Mom, Cal and I had supper at C and E’s. Three high scores of 21- Bill (McGregor) Laura (Scott) and me- 949. Del and Audrie, Cal and I -924. Low, Pat and Laura- 863. Door- Edgar and Janet.

Sue Gordon was dinning out with her beautiful granddaughter Brianne. Nice to see Bob Rummell here, cottage opening time?

Marjorie and Bert are back to their summer place. (the  church in the Slash) and back to Bingo.

There is a most beautiful black Persian cat, (reddish undertones on his back). He’s not neutered; I think he’s about seven or eight months old. He’s been hanging here the past couple of months. He’s more wary now, as the neighbor cats and mine are not overly welcoming. He needs a home! He was very loving. Someone I’m sure dumped him. I should have mentioned this a while back. Shiloh just had a mouthful of black hair (Tara’s cat).

It’s strange, you don’t see a person for years? Ages, and yet on Friday I said hello to Vivian (Pennie from Mindemoya, and then  that same evening again at (Barneys) the curling club. Vivian told me of a new way to build a garden, and too, how George gave them a bit of a scare (he wasn’t feeling good!) last week. Susan took Mom and I shopping up Mindemoya way on Friday afternoon. We stopped for a coffee at the Roosterant. Simon and Wayne had gone to Sudbury that day.

Well in four rounds of euchre  four points could that be a record he got one with me. Must have been an unlucky table. Bev did the lunch and we convinced Richard to play four tables. Men’s high, Graham 84 points; Dexter Taylor, 5 lone hands; Edgar Sabourin, low; 35, Florence Pyette, ladies high, 75; and Marg, 3 lone hands, and the door prize. Lady low, Marg 49.

I look at Poppy’s Dog house we have a cat who has taken ownership Cleo is always in it, does all her naps and everything. She and Poppy were so close growing up puppy and kitten together, perhaps she’s doing watch cat- NOT that Pop was much of a watchdog!! Watching maybe?

What a terrific surprise Kathy and Kim came over on the 11 o’clock ferry especially to do the show all the way from Clarksburg and left immediately afterwards to drive home again in the streaming down rain. He only got to sing four of his compositions. We had a big line up for a two hour show, but how special was that.

I think our group did a wonderful job. I had a lot of readings and stuff lined up but didn’t do any so not to take time from our entertainers. The Islanders consisted of Lyle, Gordie, Norm, George and Peter. Kim on stage and Lori as well. Guests also Helen, Judy, Mary, June and Martin with his guitar. My special Mom did three songs (We really needed the show an hour longer) the band played non stop. No break until it was over, and they were special. And thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Our Sr U.C.W gals had loads of delicious cake and squares, coffee, tea and juice.

I had a nice visit on the phone this evening with Jan McQuay, very informative too.

I had just got back from Cal’s, Gib and Florence dropped me off. Though our cards were almost as good as theirs, I have to give the cribbage wins to the guys. We met up with them at C and E’s, we went for a “a bowl of soup” as Cal says, it usually isn’t.

Sympathy to Margaret McCarthy and her daughter, Noreen’s husband’ sudden death. We were talking to Brian at C and E’s this evening.

Talking to Ben Lentir on Friday in Mindemoya, he and Jim Beech were going to Cookstown for a show. And Jim was launching his newest CD this weekend. Great to have Martin back in the pulpit at St. Andrews.

Nice to see Patti home with her Mom Loretta (Mucha) on Sunday. Saturday morning Sherry called (I was in the tub) want to go to the Garden Shed for breakfast? Do I say no? They, she and Skylar, picked me up. We sat in the warm section (green house) with all the sweet smelling flowers. Later I made a couple of cakes. Took a rice krispy one to the camp, later on Cal and I went for a visit and supper sausage, pork chops, roasted potatoes on the BBQ delish. Cal’s second cousin Steve Size stopped there he and his friend were looking at hunting property (I think). Cal and I had a couple of games of cribbage after we got home from there (I won). Mom’s got a sore foot again. Mary Yett has a sprained ankle (a fall). I’m thankful and grateful for my great family and all my amazing friends. God Bless.

My friend Wayne Bruchholder stopped in from Orilla this week. Left a note “I wuz here- you wuzzint!” As I’m so often NOT. I was around the corner playing cards with mum (winning I think?).  Rod, Pyette was home with his Mum and Dad this weekend from Port Elgin. He had a visit with Uncle Cal on Saturday.

Don’t forget? The Birthday Party is on the third Tuesday, June 16. All are welcome, no summer ones.