Tehkummah Talk and Times

Just came in from Bingo, the night air is so soft and scented with new rain and lilac, smells beautiful out there. Iona is back tonight, good to see her. Pauline took Mom to have her foot looked at today too. Mom has an infection in it.

Well I’ve been getting lots of comments on the show at the hall on Sunday, but I can only take credit for rounding up the talent. I’m glad everyone enjoyed it so much.

I went to Manitowaning with Joan today too. We get along so well. We had a cup of tea at Queen Street General, and Marilyn (Moggy) and her lovely daughter Joanne joined us for a nice visit. Marilyn is in the process of moving to Little Current.

After our cribbage game today I took Mom up, as her foot was bad again. New doctor, new diagnosis. This time “gout.” Hopefully we’ve tracked down the trouble, so we can address it. I see in last weeks cribbage coverage Janet and Glenn’s Kneotal’s names were missed. They were first with 949.

Today we had six tables: high hand, Rick (Gordon), 24; first, Bill and Betty. Jean, 952; Edgar and Rita, 949; Mary and Jean, 948. Low, Hugh and Lyle, 849; door prize, Lois, Rick and Audrie.

Thank you to all the wonderful delicious lunch providers, wow!

Did laundry early this Thursday a.m. in Mindemoya and picked up Mom’s new prescription. She wasn’t feeling that well, but her foot was better. She was better when I called in later.

I went to Garden Shed alone singing “All by Myself” but Gail found me a friend. Kathy (Hill) joined me for a visit while I had my breakfast. I should finish putting my laundry away and make my bed. It was noisy in Mindemoya, loud speakers, sirens, balloons at the police station.

Thank goodness the bugs aren’t biting and wasn’t I grateful I put the kettle on with the first loud thunder, and it boiled for my coffee after the power was gone. Sometimes there is much to be thankful for!

“Hey Happy Father’s Day!”

Terry and Rita Gordon, I can’t believe its been twenty five years already. Now named Gordon’s Park, it was originally the mounted animal nature trail. I recall finding stuff to stuff often while on my (back then) mail route. And it even had a song written for it, about it.

What’s with the stupid pill bottle caps that chew holes in your hand when you close them? Twice lately I’ve had blood everywhere!

Did make Terry and Rita’s open house day with a few minutes to spare, a great turn out they say. (Terry and Kathy Hill, Mom and I did Garden Shed after church today at Fairview, where the congregation presented to Elaine a beautiful planter for her forty years of dedication work as church organist.

Mom just beat me two of three, after we got back from Bev (Lynch’s) Sr. U.C.W. meeting. We are a good bunch. I think Bev’s a wonderful hostess, today now don’t take this as fact, but, we made $39.80 at 10 cent an inch for our waist lines?? I think a few paid double?? Triple?? We’re always trying to raise a buck. We did have a plant exchange at the end of the meeting. Just a month until our strawberry social. Where is this year going? My weeks all run together. Bev served a delicious supper. Quiche and lemon pie and more. I’m now in my lazee girl chair watching “Murder She Wrote.” Neatly folded all my table clothes so they are ready for our next event.

I was wondering this Wednesday morning (I’m sitting out after the thunder storm, hydroless) reading how the little wren keeps her house dry. Does she back up to the entry to keep her kids protected? I’ve been singing one drip at a time. Not because of the rain but thankful the thunderstorm woke me. I left my bathroom sink plug in and almost?

I love hearing from folk who follow me (in my column) and love the compliments even more. A group of gals apparently boost the economy each time they hit the Island, six of them! Great get together, fun, lots of card games. They stay at Bay Estates Cottages while here, and they read my columns, now how fun is that???

Thanks so much for the call, Marilyn McBain. By the way they’re from Port Elgin. Hope you enjoy your time together. There was an increase in population in our township and somehow I missed it. I saw this lady pushing a baby carriage, Congratulations Ellen and family.

Had a visit with Bill Sawyer recently. Hope things are okay in your world.

Special Olympics Torch Relay Run. This weekend Bluegrass in the Country. I forgot to wish my sister Happy Big Birthday June 12. Hope it was happy Susan!!! June 17 Happy Birthday Penny.

Susan was visiting Mom after this morning. I checked in on Mom after euchre, Bev sent her some sandwiches. She’s been sleeping a lot. Sleeping/healing. Her foot looked better.

Bev and Richard were on K.P duty, so they have done their stint. We had four tables. I was in charge as all the other “bosses” were away. Ladies high, Marg (Case), 79; Annette had three lone hands; Rose was lady low, 41. Men’s high, Rick, 90. Rick and Simon cut with 4 lone hands. Simon won. Low, Edgar, 47. Marg Case won door.

Good to see Sandie, Rose and Ann with us again. (Sandfields summer residents) Sandfields first euchre, Wednesday 17 evening.

Party on, we got home just before midnight. Susan did get a surprise for her 65th. There were family and friends waiting in the big room at Carol’s and Earl’s. We had lots of visiting time. Chris sent Susan and Bids for their take out order. Jeff had phoned last night while I was at Susan and Simon’s and said he had a special work order. So when Carol showed her into the room the first thing she saw was Jeff, Megan, Brooke, Mickey Brendan, Owen and Jaxon. Paula and Sean Brandow then Mom, Pauline, Wayne, Barb and Dave, Joan and Borden, Lynda and Martin, Mollie and John, Lois Ann and John, Sherry and Dave, Lori and Rick.

Later at their house Terry and Rita, Willie and Chris. Gift opening, cake, candles, the Happy Birthday song, gift opening, meat platter, veggie tray and fruit tray.

Simon you sure did a great job of organizing the surprise. As you can well imagine a lot of visiting went on and laughter.

I started my Saturday working in the yard, planting potting. I got pot of organic sage at foodland do you know how many sage plants are in one pot. Where will I plant them all?

While I was in the yard this beautiful flashy motorcycle drove in so I got a hug from Jose who is back at South Baymouth and the business for the summer.

I stopped at Cal’s on my way to Manitowaning. He was having a relaxing day. The day before got a hair cut (short?) from Doug in Little Current and had lunch with Lyle and Shirley out at their place. I’d be surprised if he didn’t stop at the Flee Market to shop.

Another new business in Tehkummah Saturday, a lemonade stand on Ward’s step operated by Taylor and Samantha.

Well Bluegrass in the Country had a nice Friday evening after the rain and Saturday must have been perfect.

Saturday afternoon I went to Mom’s to see how she was doing, cheered her up by beating her two of three cribbage games. Then I popped over to the hall where the Bowerman family was celebrating Ted’s 75th birthday. Nice blue and white birthday cake and all the extras.

The Odd Gardener

I’m the strangest kind of gardener.

I leave the weeds? So long

So my garden shows some colour. After the daffodils are gone.

Forget me nots. There’s still a few

blue dots amid the green.

But my showy buttercups are huge.

Fertilized, tall, address the scene.

Light bursts through, they shine they show.

To the compost bin they never go.

Like gold drops fallen from the sun.

I love them everyone.