Tehkummah Talk and Times

Well “Funky” pulled in, polka dots and all. An original by Darlene Young. Vehicle clearly recognizable. Finally got to meet my admirer (of my column) from Port Carling. I’ve only known her through cards and notes up until now. So what a wonderful surprise to meet her and hubby Al today. We had a good visit, Darlene being from here and Al working on Island early years.

Congratulations Varley Vanhorn Birthday. Birthdays today (15th) Helen Oswald and Kyla Young (not related to Darlene?)

Darlene and Al staying with Edgar Hare. I was out in the foggy day early and burned some garbage and brush, puddled around outside til almost noon, couldn’t believe it. Cal popped in, never stays long as he was leaving, I got my surprise call that Darlene was coming!! Tara took my stuff over to be faxed out and checked in on Mom, took her lilacs and lily of the valley. While I had my visiting time here, I see new folk down at Sawyers old place welcome to Tehkummah.

Next year for sure, I’m going to Bluegrass in the Country!

Cole and Alicia attended her brother’s awards ceremony. Sea Cadets in Little Current on the weekend.

Why for a while don’t I write, this past week I’ve written eight or 10 poems, sometimes I just can’t stop!

As I’ve said before one never knows what a day will bring. Al phoned and had lost his cell phone well, it was on the couch. I said I’ll be at the birthday party, but come on down.

So they did, and Mom and my sis, Susan, and friends got to meet them.

Harold was back from his trip so the gang was together. George, Gordy, Lori, Harold and Peter. A nice crowd for the birthday party, delish lunch. Hot dogs, salads and a beautiful cake. Helen O. was organizer. Birthday people, Helen O, Susan and Al. No birthday parties now until September.

Well, only four tables today at cribbage, as always a fun get together. Come and join us on Wednesday afternoon 1:30 pm.

Today’s high score: Bill and Betty Jean, 941; second, Lori and Rick, 938; third, Audrie and Dee, 929; honourable mention, Bill and Ruth, 920; low, Jean and Mary, 872; door, Betty Jean and Bert. Thank you to lunch providers July 1 cribbage.

I went to Cal’s later. Bart dropped in for a minute, had a short visit with Tara and Ray after I came back. The Shitake mushrooms are good, starting to produce well.

Call Ray or Tara at 859-2613 if you want some, they are delish.

Sympathy to Bev Hyde and family, down Port Elgin way. Walter passed away last Wednesday. Laurene was in Monday am. and gave me this info.

Thursday night euchre tournament 12 tables. Joan Beard and I on K.P duty. I got over a bit early so I could help set up names on the board after sandwiching. First, Rita and Eva, 80 points; second, Donna and Pat,78; third, John and Pat, 75; Rick and Dennis,73; low, Janet and Glenn, 43; door, Linda Bowerman.

A few skunks handed out  to Janet, Glenn, Raymond, Rhonda, Audrey and Lois.

Sis Susan said she, Bids and Chris were in Sudbury to see Sammy (Chris’s granddaughter) at the Happiness is Dance Studio. They’re heading to Florida to compete next week, good show!

Cal had some coffee drinking visitors on Saturday morning Rick: Lloyd and Blaine (Gilbert) his across the road neighbor (from Wiarton). They were heading home with a load of wood from their property.

This was a busy Father’s Day. Mom and I off to church at St. Andrews (SBM) June McDougal had a good sermon (complete with jokes) on our fathers.

Pauline, Wayne, Simon, Arnold, Mary, Mom and I had lunch at C and E’s. Mom beat me two of three cribbage games after.

Cal and I were invited to Tara and Ray’s for a Father’s Day delicious meal, and hot homemade pie for dessert. Sherry and Dave got to enjoy it too.

Cal and I took in the Down Yonder show at the hall later.

Great entertainment. Debbie saying this was their 12th Father’s Day show. We sat right behind Welland and Elizabeth Hembruff who are at their summer place. I didn’t know their sister-in-law Barb had passed away over winter. Down Yonder Band: Glen, Doug, Tim, Debbie, Maurice, and Jeff. Special guest Ben Lentir.

Door prize won by Joyce Sprack. While I was early for my medical appointment on Thursday drove out along the water Brookwood Brae way. Saw a mamma loon and two youngsters.

On Friday I went up to Little Current with Tara and Skylar, and was in the ‘The Island Jar’ for the first time. What a fascinating store this is. One could spend hours checking things out just full of local content. We stopped on the way home at Green Acres.

Hey Monday, June 22, already the daylight is on the wane. How did half a year go by so speedily? “Happy Summer” by the way. 5 a.m robins are always positive!! (blackflies and skeeters, negative, I guess). Did you ever see many pink lady slippers as this year? And the yellow ones still blooming too.