Tehkummah Talk and Times

The McCauley/McGauley gathering Tehkummah hall August 15 (Saturday) starting 1 pm. Games, fun, snacks, a potluck supper at 6:30 pm. Music, entertainment, y’all come!!

The best Country Fest ever! There was no running for rain gear. There was enough cloud cover on Friday and Saturday to make it comfortable. And wasn’t the music line up fabulous. Saturday seemed to fly by. I like the real country, country music! More of “Naomi” next year? Thank you K.T once again. I hate to mention any particular names because they were all super. Though I have always wanted to see Buffy Ste. Marie for 60 years about? (Gonna change the world one day at a time) my remarks she touches the heart of so many problems. I found a lot of good/great songwriters in this weekend. We didn’t miss much! I loved every minute (almost) of it!! Lots of good food vendors, more people then ever? Thank you to all those volunteers.

The hydro information set up was great just about every child had creative and wonderful faces painted. Fun stuff for the kids, Chantal (artist) and Jeannie. I even got a design on my leg. Last one Saturday evening. She’s quick, been doing these 17 years. “Carol Hughes had a smile as wide as a Country Fest mile. Sat next to the Jeffries from Batman’s Park, Texas and Azilda, nice folk. The fireworks were spectacular! The balmiest evening of the year, so far, for sitting out. Did I enjoy the event? I’ll let you decide!!!

It was great spending time with Sherry and Dave, and Kim and Kathy who stayed at the camp, but he did most of the driving. Of course I missed my daughters Birthday. Newspaper-wise, anyway.

Ralph the taxi driver and his two customers were looking for excitement in down town Tehkummah. I think they missed it by about five minutes (if there was any).

We did have fire trucks and first response sailing by one day. When I go to write my column there’s just too much to remember in the week! Monday night, Mom won bingo jackpot, but she needs it. Storm did damage to phone and TV and her iron went on fire and it was like a “one a day” headache! Something went wrong (or no headache at all? She broke a bottle of rum!) Note: The quiz night (trivia) is still the same date and time but at Sandfield hall!

Kim and Kathy got here on the Wednesday late and are staying at the camp.

Wednesday cribbage, Tehkummah Hall, 1:30 pm.

Congratulations to Ruth McGregor, 28 hand! Wow! First Pat and Laura, 950; tied for second, Lori and Rick, 928; Cal and I, 928; low, Ruth and Lois, 844; door prize, Bill (Case), Jim (Chrysler), me!

Well a big surprise birthday party Sunday at the hall for Bill Case many, many people there I hear to offer their congratulations and best wishes. From me too!

I was going to try to get the graveyard (at least) on Friday for the burial of John and May Maguires ashes, thinking of you all!