Tehkummah Talk and Times

I see spiderwebs everywhere these days. I’m not talking outside, but in and some pearl grey long legged spiders came with them, I guess. Where are my toads, why aren’t they working for me? These are new ones. I kind of like the “Daddy long legs” but these are almost transparent. Obviously their webs are not! I might as well save them for Hallowe’en (coming soon?).

Reuben and Jeneen were on KP. When I left Mum’s I forgot my skunk. Riley was playing with it. Annette and I each got one at euchre? I started off well with Raymond who was the men’s winner with 84 points and three lone hands. Ladies’ high, 81 and five lone hands, Marg Case (she won the lone hands on a cut with Janet). Ladies’ low, Ronda; men’s low, Bob, 45; door prize, Lucky Me!

Today I went to Susan and Simon’s yard sale. I shopped a bit and got to sit in the shade of their maple tree, a foot stool for my feet, a cool drink in my hand, and a nice cool breeze while I watched their customers come and go. I even had a nice egg salad sandwich made for me. I brought Mum home and beat her a couple games of cards. Then went home and napped until euchre time.

Mum shouldn’t have called me about the movie coming on. It was good but it’s almost 1:30 am and I’m just in bed. Another really busy day, nice though. Each day has its surprises and blessings. Lyle brought some music for the over 90s. We had a rhubarb strawberry pie this year. There was Andy and Dot, Audrie and Mum. Good stories, one cent stamps, milking cows, the evolution of radio listening to TV watching, etc. Laurie and Gail served us up and helped with the photography. Lyle played the fiddle, Leon played the fiddle or violin, Jett played the accordion. The two latter gents play Ukrainian and Celtic music. They vacation on Manitoulin.

8:10 Sunday morning—I just sat down with my second cup of coffee, in between I delivered a few warm banana muffins here and there. I had a pot of fairy lilies given to me, I may have given originally. But they are so pretty. I think I first got them from Nellie Leeson. The pond is singing, the bees are humming, and a cricket is chirping, and the mist encompasses it all. There is a beauty in wildness and un-neat gardens too (Probably no such word, eh?) and un-mown lawns. (Lots of small bumble bees now.) and late hatches of monarch butterflies.

Tuesday school buses moving. I guess that means the students are as well!

Afternoon Triangle Club meeting- first of the fall season.  We had our first Sr. UCW meeting at Diane McLean’s that afternoon too. Lorna has her sister Lee visiting her.  We too are back on our fall schedule.  We had ten members there.  Diane served a pot of soup delicious- veggies and dip.  We had a tea towel exchange.  We quoted a harvest verse from the Bible. (Roll Call). Nice and cozy spot. The kitchenette behind the take out and the tea towel exchange.  Wednesday great to see Del Vanhorn back again.  Earlier he was injured in a car accident. Reg and Sherry Hall too came to close up their cottage. Great lunch at Cribbage. Six tables. High Hands Jim Chrysler and Lyla Chatwell, Marg- Ray’s mum was awaiting the family when I got home, so I had a little visit with her.  She had spent ten days in BC, with her son Ken, (did lo†s of hiking and sight seeing) and her brother.  She arrived from Elliot Lake about four.

A day without a card game is like a day without sunshine (Bright, I won).  Saturday, September 5.  Well I’ve been as busy as a bee.  The gifts of gifts and friendship continue to roll my way.  I’ve been having a great day. Got to tour through the house my brother build.  Wow what a gorgeous spot.  Nancy and Grant Moggy are as happy as can be as they are settling in. I stopped at Pauline’s, Christine was there, the rest of the family away fishing.  Stopped at Reta’s yesterday.  I met the new folk in (Dorthy’s house) Tehkummah downtown, So welcome, also to the Township- Maureen, Allan and Aaron.

It wasn’t until I got to Laurene’s I found we had lost our neighbor, Wayne. They lived a long lot of years next to our Hall’s Garage.  Sympathy to Laurene family and friends.

Stopped at Elaines, no one home

Saturday AM. Well a cloud just covered the sun and made the chill air feel chiller.  While I was soaking it up six bees used my body for a grooming station, and at least a dozen thought I wasn’t suitable. One must have sat for fifteen minutes. I’m OK as long as they don’t get annoyed with me. I think they liked my orangey nightgown.

After going to the Laundromat yesterday I headed straight for C&Es.  Got to share a table with Jeanette and Karen (town girls) then a little visit with Sherry and Dave.  They came in when I was about to leave.  Got some bedding off the line, but my it’s getting dark early. (covered some tomatoes too?) Earlier, in the day Mum and I went to the Garden Shed for breakfast.  She was worried we wouldn’t make it before season end.  I was champ at Cards winning all.!!!

I had a little visit with Laurene in the afternoon.

Hey, darn I forgot to remind you all of our Grandparents Day!!(13th).  Hope it was super!

Well Jacob’s Birthday Supper at Sherry and Dave’s was delicious.  Roast beef and chocolate cake (homemade) and ice cream.  Mum came with me.  Cal came from his spot.  Tara came after work. Ray and Steve of course. We had cards with Mum and Sherry.  Cal and I won three of four.  Always super get together.  I went to town earlier, saw the Parade, had lunch at Queen Street General with Helen. We joined Cal and Wayne (Pennie).  I took in the fair, first time I’ve attended in a long while.  I liked Reds Rocks- money plant.  First place, Bill and Betty Jean, 942; second, Jean and Mary,  938; third, Dorothy and I, 936; low, Del and Audrie,  844; door, Ruth McGregor, Dorothy Cronk.

I got a phone call from my friend Jean Livingston.  Nice to hear from her live.  We keep in touch via mail, but now that her summer spot is sold??

Tuesday morning hunting season got off with a bang or two.

Four tables at euchre.  High men’s, Wayne Martin, 90; and 7; lows, Graham, 57; ladies high, Linda Bowerman, 77;  5,  low,  Rose, 59; door, Simon.

Good lunch by Linda and Elaine.

I called in at Mums after- she had been to the Ladies Night at the church.  She said they had a great fashion show.  Purse and Jewelry exchange.  Desserts marvelous.

I made two batches of Banana stuff- muffins and fruit(spicy) muffins Friday morning- delivered some around.

Angel wings (neat Adrienne!) Sea glass- the school (grade one) good manners posters- excellent crafts- and of course visiting.  I met the new neighbor Maureen- Mum Mary and son Mark.  And as Jen says in the store, she sees me everywhere this week.  Well here it is Monday again, I’m sitting outside in the sun finishing up my column.  I just came from the dentist.  Got a tooth pulled. Last time was probably fifty years ago. Things have changed, nice folks at the dental clinic. I saw four deer in Tehkummah Village this morning had to wait for them to cross the road.