Tehkummah Talk and Times

The Tehkummah euchre winter schedule is starting November 5, 2015. Afternoon tournament starts 1:30 pm (no euchre second week). Third week as usual. Thursday tournament starting time, 7:30 pm. (fourth week no euchre.)

This month as usual. Men’s high, John Novak, 71; lone hands, Andy Bowerman, 41; low, Simon, 56; ladies’ high, Pat Novak, 76; lone ladies, Pat Novak, 5; ladies’ low, Irene James, 46; door, Wayne Martin.

Heard of Bruce Pope’s death on Sunday at church. Sympathy to Sandra, family and friends.

Horror of Horrors (at least in time for Hallowe’en) no earrings, no eyebrows and no lipstick? They asked for a photo and when I looked in the mirror afterwards?? Sitting in the sun on a Thanksgiving Sunday I had four wonderful visitors, no, five; I forgot Midge, the little dog. How wonderful to meet this family of Bill and June (Draper) John and Nan Sullivan, their daughter Emily and fiancée Ian. They tell me I am “WORLD” famous. Rather humbling, probably sent my cold germs home with them as I got four hugs. They’re having their Thanksgiving dinner at the cottage, and going home tomorrow. There were four blessings, even though I didn’t go to church, I would have missed this most wonderful visit. (Hello, Greg!)

I witnessed a high-speed chase, I guess, through Tehkummah. The police car was a long way behind (and driving reasonably) the motorcycle/biker was crazy.

When Tony, Amelia, Desmond and Declan came on Friday we had our lunch at Carol’s and Earl’s in South Baymouth. It was so good to see them the great-grands are five and two and cute as can be.

I had an awful night. I had gone to Mindemoya in the afternoon and got my laundry done. But the cold bug hit and I was up most of the night. Slept most all Saturday, went to Sherry and Dave’s for supper. Cal came too and Tory and family. Delicious supper, roast pork.

On Friday evening a to-my-door delivery of a delicious apple pie baked by Shirley (Ed delivery) Sagle. Thank you so much! Coincidental that I’m ill again this year? I just got a totally French call regarding Steven Harper, now how ridiculous is that! (was it in his favour or??) Joyce Holmes and grandson Noah called in at her brother Dave’s on Saturday evening. They had just had supper together at Carol’s and Earl’s.

I called Kim and Kathy after I got home from next door. Talk about a Thanksgiving feast, and do we have much to be thankful for. An amazingly beautiful day and all that wonderful family around us. Fifteen at Tara and Ray’s supper. Gramma Jean brought her famous buns. Marg is here from Elliot Lake. Tory, Amelia, Desmond and Declan are returning to their home in Ottawa Monday. Two adorable little boys. I think they enjoyed their holiday. They took pumpkins home from Gramma’s garden. Amelia was here from Gore Bay. Tavis was working advance polls in Mindemoya. Dave and Cal’s Skylar gave all the ladies a bracelet she had made. Sherry gave jewelry and T-shirts she’d brought back from her holiday away. Jacob spent one Thanksgiving with his grandparents, Gene and Susan.

I’m feeling so stuffed up tonight again. I had leftovers at the neighbour’s on Monday evening. Slept instead of playing Bingo. Simon called the numbers. I had a night’s sleep without coughing. Today Susan (Sue) came in to Mum’s with chicken, buns and pie and fed us. I lucked out again.

I talked to Mollie this A.M. in Elliot Lake. Sunshine there too after the rain.

Gib and Florence Pyette spent their Thanksgiving in Port Elgin where their grandson Cale got married. Their son Rod and Rosa live there. Congrats, Cale and Kayla.

Saturday evening Lawrence dropped in with a dog bone. Jason benefited. Cal took me to C&E’s for supper.

The photo shoot.

I have Southwood music this Friday evening at Tehkummah Hall.

Ron Gill headed for Sarnia on Friday morning after a week hunting and fishing. He left mum some nice fish fillets. I saw a mama moose and calf cross the road and head into the swamps, just down the 10th Side Road a bit. I have seen them there before, a year or so ago.

Nice to see Maudie (Howard), Marie Caradonna at euchre on Thursday eveing. Rita and I were on K.P. duty. Eight and a half tables. High; Rita and Marie, 87; second, Eila and Donna, 78; three third place winners with 76 points; Dave and Sandy, Janet and Marilyn, Margaret and Marlaina; low; Gib and Florence, 51; Ken and Dorothy had 8 lone hands; door prize, Janet Knectal.

We had five tables for cribbage on Wednesday afternoon. High hand, “ME,” 21; first, Bert and Joy, 942; second, Hugh and Lyla, 937; third, Janet and Dorothy, 924; low, Lori and Rick, 881; door prize, Rick and me. Apparently while Janet was playing cards, Glen was taking in the Blue Jays ball game.

Twelve thirty AM. Just dropped Mum off. We spent a good part of the day/eve with Susan and Simon and the family: Paula, Sean, Brandon, Jeff, Meagan, Brooke, Mickey, Brendon, Owen and Jason. They had many family photos taken today. Mum, Pauline, Wayne and I. Lori and Rick, Sherry, Tara and Skyler came late, left early. Delicious supper, pasta soup.

We played cribbage, tiki and oh crap. As always an amazing family get together. Earlier in the day I made a chocolate cake. Went to town checked out Barney’s Barn.

On my way home, stopped for a couple of games of cribbage with Cal. Cole and Alicia came through the door with the biggest new TV. I’ve since heard it was an engagement gift from Alicia to Cole. Congrats are in order! Sunday 10:30 pm. I’m in bed and writing the week’s end. First got home from Cal’s, and cribbage with Gib and Florence. We all had supper at C&E’s